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The 10 Best Bars In The Horie Area Of Osaka, Japan

The 10 Best Bars In The Horie Area Of Osaka, Japan

Picture of Elizabeth Lee
Updated: 9 February 2017
Next to Osaka’s major shopping district of Shinsaibashi and the eccentric Dotonbori is Horie. Horie is famous for being Osaka’s most international district. These are the best bars in this local Japanese area.

Hana Sake Bar (はな酒バー)

Sake is inarguably Japan’s most famous liqueur, but it can be difficult to take your first steps in the world of sampling this oriental rice wine. Fear no more – Hana Sake Bar is an English-speaking sake bar. It is stocked with sake from all over Japan, including ones that are from small breweries. The establishment offers fantastic sake tasting that is the perfect experience to initiate you into the world of sake. Or, if you are a veteran sake-drinker, it gives you the chance to try non-chain brands that are difficult to find elsewhere.

1-8-4, Nishishinsaibashi, Chuo-ku, Osaka 542-0086, +81 06-6484-7896

Horie Club 1618

Horie Club 1618 advertises itself as a ‘private golf place’, a rather vague slogan for a bar. This venue is located in the basement level of the Collet building next to the Yotsubashi JR Station. In reality, it is a bar that allows you to play golf in a simulation game that you can play in groups of up to eight people. For drinks, Horie Club 1618 offers a wide selection of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. These include plum wine and shochu, two uniquely Japanese spirits. Snacks are available, as are meal items such as rice and noodles.

COLLET B1/F, 1-10-13 Kitahorie, Nishi-ku, Osaka 550-0014, +81-6-4391-8689


Kamikaze is renowned for its craft beer, which mostly uses Japanese beers with some international imports from America and Europe. Whether you prefer the light and fruity Saison, or the aptly named rich, strong Stout, there is sure to be a brew to satisfy. The joint has a rich ambience that is relaxed and lively. This makes it a fantastic place to spend a night in.

1-22-21 Kitahorie Nishi-ku Osaka, +81 06-6539-7550

The Westside American Bistro

This New York-styled restaurant is run by an American expat family who have day jobs as English teachers and lecturers. It aims to bring an authentic New York experience to Japan, with the best of the Big Apple’s comfort food and brews. They have a fantastic selection of beers, wine and cocktails at great prices. Their cocktail menu changes according to the season and the day of the week. Regulars at the Westside include both expats looking for a homey bar, and locals who enjoy the atmosphere and want to improve their English.

1-5-13 Kita-horie, Nishi-ku, Osaka 550-0014, +81 06-7171-7938

Five Minami Horie

Though it is more of a restaurant than a bar, Five Minami Horie has a wonderful selection of cocktails. Beer, sake, and plum wine are also on the menu, as is a range of shochu, the strong Japanese liquor that is little-known outside of Japan. The establishment gives off a relaxed vibe, using sofas, low coffee tables, and warm lighting in its decor. Bizarrely, the long table in the middle of the floor has a tree protruding from its center. The best part is that you can spend all night in this cozy cafe. Dinner, drinks, and snacks are served late into the night.

RE-008 building 1F, 1-16-11 Minamihorie Nishi-ku Osaka, +81-6-6535-0507

Café Absinthe

This chic restaurant serves authentic Mediterranean fare and cocktails, which has made it a popular nightlife spot with locals, expats and travelers. Like its name suggests, the establishment is famous for its absinthe cocktails. Meanwhile other cocktails, beer, and wine options are also on the menu. Café Absinthe is also one of the only places to get shisha in Horie. In an effort to support local artistic talent, a different local artist is invited to display their work in Café Absinthe every month. This turns the space into an art gallery.

South-Yotsubashi Bldg. 1F, 1-2-27 Kitahorie, Nishi-Ku, Osaka, 550-0014, +81 06-6534-6655

Club Vijon

This vibrant club is one of the most popular live music venues in Osaka. Many local and international artists perform in this underground club. Located in a basement, the environment of Club Vijon is incredible, as the zest and energy of the crowd echoes around the space just like the music itself. This makes it one of the most atmospheric places to enjoy live gigs. A variety of drinks are available at the bar, usually included with the entry fee to the show.

1-22-3 Kitahorie, Nishi Ward, Osaka 550-0014, +81 6-6539-7411

Covent Garden

Named after the popular shopping area of London, Covent Garden is a British-styled pub. It serves classic Western comfort foods such as burgers, pizza, and fish and chips. The bar has both local and international beer brands on tap, and an even greater selection of bottled beer. They also serve cocktails and other liqueurs. The joint has a casual and relaxed vibe, with comfortable couches, and dart boards that are perfect for meeting new people.

2-5-10 Kitahorie, Nishi-ku, Osaka, +81 06-4391-3177

Sumiyakiyo (炭焼笑店 陽)

This izakaya (Japanese tavern) is extremely ambient, with its wooden furniture, low tables and cushion seats on the floor. It serves a huge variety of drinks, from Western choices like beer and cocktails, to oriental liqueur like sake, shochu and plum wine. They serve Japanese bar snacks and meals, from hotpot sets to edamame beans. An izakaya is a great place to experience the traditional nightlife of Japan. Sumiyakiyo offers this at a reasonable price in an atmospheric setting.

2 Chome-16-14 Kitahorie, Nishi Ward, Osaka 550-0014, +81 6-6534-6855

L&L Bar and Restaurant

Situated at the edge of Horie, near Ame-mura, L&L Bar and Restaurant is an Italian– and Mediterranean-styled bar. They serve a fantastic range of drinks, including local and overseas beers, as well as cocktails, wine and sake. They also have a huge range of shisha flavors. The great food, along with the vibrant and lively vibe, draws in locals, expats and travelers alike. So, L&L Bar is a great place to meet people from all over the world.

2-16-13 Nishishinsaibashi Chuo-ku Osaka, +81-6-6211-2623