Spend a Night You'll Never Forget in This Amazing Floating Pod

Courtesy of Huis Ten Bosch
Courtesy of Huis Ten Bosch
Photo of Charlotte Luxford
Architecture & Design Editor14 June 2017

Huis Ten Bosch already has the ‘world’s first robot hotel’, but now this Dutch-themed amusement park in Japan has gone one step further to create incredible floating capsules you can stay in overnight for a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

The huge theme park in Sasebo city should have these dreamy pods up and running by the end of 2017, which will slowly drift towards an uninhabited picturesque island filled with attractions.

The unique spherical designs are made with the sleeping quarters located at the top of the pod, with a domed, glass roof offering guests prime stargazing opportunities as they float along in the ocean. The capsules are perfect for couples seeking romantic bucket-list stays, or close-knit families – they’re roomy enough to hold four people.

Courtesy of Huis Ten Bosch

The company has already launched its Henn-na Hotel, which uses robots to serve guests, clean rooms and act as front of house. The company also uses intricate life-size models of historic Dutch buildings to replicate medieval Holland, aiming to bring an authentic Netherlands experience to the heart of Japan.

A night’s stay in the floating capsule is expected to set you back around ¥30,000 to ¥40,000 (approx US$274–US$366), so it’ll cost you a pretty penny, but will be a totally unforgettable experience.

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