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Ruthie Berber

Aside from the impeccable dining experience at Hotel Montefiore, this quiet nook, just off of Tel Aviv’s bustling Rothschild Boulevard, offers guests a slice of stylish European hospitality whilst spending a night at the dreamy boutique hotel upstairs. In tune with the emergence of boutique hotels all over the White City, The Culture Trip invites you to read about the uncanny experience awaiting both tourists and locals alike at 36 Montefiore Street.

Hotel Montefiore

The Concept

Chic and stylish, Hotel Montefiore has been bringing together European luxury and Tel Avivian style in the form of a 12-room boutique hotel since 2008. The brasserie and bar-clad hotel provides guests with everything they need; after booking a room at Hotel Montefiore, you can roam the streets of Tel Aviv, completely carefree. Whether your stay is for business or pleasure, the hotel staff are set on catering to their clients’ every need — from making arrangements for where to eat to planning what to see and recommending what to do. Hotel Montefiore is a romantic urban getaway for locals, a comfortable one-stop-shop for businessmen and women, as well as an unforgettable stay in Tel Aviv for tourists.

Hotel Montefiore

The Rooms

Each room is designed in almost identical style: sleek, brassy and glamorous. Their gorgeous hotel rooms come fully loaded with cosmetic essentials, artisan-crafted bathing products, plush robes, an abundant library, a luxurious chaise longue, a French press coffee set, cheeses and wine, as well as city maps and all sorts of bedside cabinet goodies. The rooms are accessorized with unique timeless pieces, brass lighting fixtures and a simple ebony and mahogany color palette. Many of the rooms have quaint European-style balconies overlooking one of Tel Aviv’s most picturesque side streets.

Hotel Montefiore

The in-house designer, Shiri Arad, is constantly changing and revamping the rooms, including repainting them annually, in tandem with Ruti and Mati Broudo, the hotel and R2M Corporation founders. Mati also works with local and international artists to lace into the hotel’s décor — for this reason, the hallways between the rooms showcase an ever-changing display of artworks.

Hotel Montefiore

The Deals

It would be foolish not to take advantage of the brilliant happy hour offered daily at the classy bar just below your room. Each of the fabulous cocktails conjured up is accompanied by finger food, not to mention a glass of wine for 20nis. Also, when you order coffee or tea, you are invited to taste their sensational complimentary scones. This happy hour in the center of Tel Aviv resonates with European standards.
If you can catch a midday break, don’t miss their highly worthwhile business lunch. Customers can choose a main and get a starter, coffee plus something sweet to top it off as well.
For more information about deals and promotions, check out their magazine.

Hotel Montefiore

The Breakfast

What is a night at a hotel without an incredible breakfast included? Hotel Montefiore does not disappoint. The restaurant itself was designed by Ruti and sports black leather furnishings, clean white tabletops, tall plants and swinging jazz music lulling the diners.

Hotel Montefiore

From lavish teapots to artisanal Viennese coffee contraptions, the breakfast is delivered in elegance. The menu is continental and the visual is ‘tea time,’ boasting the freshest local ingredients and baked goods from R2M’s Bakery. Enjoy your eggs perfectly scrambled or topped with bacon and just the right amount of hollandaise sauce, or if you feel like a succulent fruit salad and refreshing parfait, the list goes on, and the breakfast is as beautiful as it is tasty.

Hotel Montefiore

The Bakery has several locations around the city where customers can get their pastry fix of Hotel Montefiore, Brasserie M&R and Coffee Bar’s signature products. Although there is a head chef, it is not a chef restaurant. There is a relaxed element in the restaurant that makes it feel more like a lounge than a fine-dining venue. All of the kitchen managers evolved over the years with the head chef, Guy Pollack, who crafted the menu with Ruti.

The Price

A night’s stay costs between $300-$400 a night, including breakfast.
Like what you’ve read? Book a room and treat yourself to a night you won’t forget!
Hotel Montefiore, Montefiore St 36, Tel Aviv, Israel, +972 3 564 6100

By Ruthie Berber, Culture Trip’s Tel Aviv Director of Culture. Catch us on our TLV Twitter and Instagram.

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