The Top 10 Places to Eat Nasi Goreng in Jakarta

Nasi goreng with satay | © LWYang/Flickr
Nasi goreng with satay | © LWYang/Flickr
Photo of Edira Putri
6 December 2017

Nasi goreng, or Indonesian fried rice, is the country’s unofficial national dish, with fans ranging from humble merchants to the president. With endless takes and variations from seafood to cheese, this is the one dish you have to try when in Indonesia. Discover the top places to eat nasi goreng in Jakarta.

Nasi Goreng Mafia

Restaurant, Indonesian, Asian, Vegetarian, $$$

All nasi goreng meals in this restaurant are given mafia names, with variations of recipes for different tastebuds. “Bandit”, for example uses turmeric as its main herb, while “Yakuza” is more spicy with green chili. All items on the menu are available in different levels of spiciness, from “soothing” to “lethal”. This franchise has reached not only Jakarta, but also Bandung and Bogor.

Nasi Goreng Kambing Kebon Sirih

Food Stall, Indonesian, Street Food, $$$

Established in 1958, Nasi Goreng Kambing Kebon Sirih has become somewhat legendary among Jakarta’s culinary connoisseurs. Managed now by the founder’s grandson, the humble street warung still retains its sought-after mutton fried rice, with generous spices and seasoning that result in a strong Indonesian flavor. You can also complete the menu with a selection of satay.


Restaurant, Indonesian, Seafood, Asian, Vegetarian

Widely popular and versatile as it is, you can find nasi goreng on the humblest of food carts or the fanciest restaurants. Remboelan is more the latter, serving Indonesian soulfood in a grand setting. The signature nasi goreng is served with smoked stingray and other seafood, but there are other options to choose from as well. Upon ordering, you’ll be asked your desired level of heat, so no worries of burning your tongue with all the spices.

Nasi Goreng Warna Warni Ijo Thole

Food Truck, Restaurant, Indonesian, Asian

If you’re into eccentric food, this nasi goreng cart at Panglima Polim is a must-try. The place serves delicious fried rice colored with natural ingredients. The black nasi goreng uses squid ink as a condiment, while the red nasi goreng owes its color to beet. Want to try it all? You can order the “Nasi Goreng Warna Warni” (colorful fried rice) for a mix of red, black, and green nasi goreng for less than $2.

Omah Sendok

Restaurant, Indonesian, Dessert, Asian, Vegetarian, $$$

This restaurant, in the culinary neighborhood of Senopati, serves a wide selection of Indonesian food, from starters to dessert, including the famed nasi goreng. Omah Sendok’s scrumptious fried rice comes in a generous portion, complete with egg, pickles, fried onions, and kerupuk. If you order the ‘nasi goreng buntut’ (oxtail fried rice) you’ll get a big chunk of savory oxtail on the side.

Marina Kitchen

Restaurant, Indonesian, Chinese, American, Japanese, $$$

Located in the coastal complex of Ancol, Marina Kitchen offers not only a relaxed ambiance but also a wide array of cuisines, including Indonesian, Chinese, Japanese, and Western food. Their nasi goreng comes in four variations — seafood, roasted duck, chicken and salted fish (which is the all-time favorite of many loyal diners).

Nasi Goreng Gila OK

Food Truck, Indonesian

This street food stall serves nasi goreng gila — literally meaning crazy fried rice — which is one of the most popular nasi goreng variations. It’s loved for the crazily vivacious toppings of meatballs, sausage, eggs, seafood, and various vegetables. This crazy nasi goreng uses a little less soy sauce and gets more of its flavor from the luscious toppings. Nasi Goreng Gila OK serves one of the best in town, and if you’re feeling adventurous, try the famed stink bean (petai) variant.

RoCA Restaurant

Hotel Restaurant, Indonesian, American, Asian, Vegetarian
Nasi goreng kemangi (basil fried rice) is one of RoCA’s signature dishes, distinguishable by its fresh green color and appetizing aroma. The dish comes with anchovies, empal meat, tempeh crackers, and a sunny-side up egg. The restaurant itself is part of the hip and trendy Artotel, serving you scrumptious food in its stylish and artsy interior.

Nasi Goreng Muncul Malam

Food Truck, Restaurant, Indonesian

This food stall is popular with its tasty fried rice and its many types of nasi goreng. From mutton and salted fish to clam, there’s something for everyone here. You can also choose your sides, like leafy vegetables or even cheese. You can get a chicken-cheese fried rice while your friend can get the mutton-spinach — take your time to choose the perfect combination for you.

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