The Best Seafood Shacks and Beach Cafés in Bali

Jimbaran Beach Seafood Cafe
Jimbaran Beach Seafood Cafe | © Güldem Üstün / Flickr
Edira Putri

Bali’s surrounding ocean doesn’t only provide waves for the surfers and sand for the beach lovers. The island’s vast sea area also supplies its people and tourists with fresh seafood and bestows gorgeous venues for beach cafés. What follows is Culture Trip’s list of the best seafood shacks and beach cafés in Bali.

1. La Plancha

Cafe, Seafood, Spanish, Tapas, Wine, Beer, Cocktails

While vibrant seaside cafés line Seminyak Beach, tourists can easily spot La Plancha among the others because of their radiant beanbag chairs, brightly colored umbrellas, blasting music, and overall lively vibe resonating among its visitors. Guests can choose the outdoor seating area, soak their feet into the sand, and sip their cold beer while waiting for the breathtaking sunset. La Plancha serves a wide selection of food, including their specialty tapas and jumbo prawns.

2. Bale Udang Mang Engking

Restaurant, Seafood, Indonesian

Integrating Bali’s sea harvest with its traditional recipes, Bale Udang Mang Engking has a wide and authentic seafood menu from which to choose. Its traditional setting gives a certain village-like feel to the place, building the perfect atmosphere and ambiance to taste the essence of Bali on your plate. Serving a variety of recipes in a traditional way, either inside banana leaves or on a weaved wooden plate, the restaurant also offers six different kinds of sambals (Indonesian hot sauce) to accompany your choice of seafood.

3. Jimbaran Beach Cafe

Restaurant, Seafood, Indonesian, Asian, BBQ

For seafood lovers, Jimbaran is the very place to be. The seaside area is brimming with seafood shacks and beach cafés, each offering their best and freshest meals. Jimbaran Beach Cafe is one of the best picks out of the many, with a strategic location for an ocean view, top service, and delicious seafood. Tourists can pick their own fresh seafood from the kitchen – clams, oysters, lobster, crab, and various fish – and the chefs will prepare it right away. Occasionally, visitors can enjoy their meals accompanied by live performances, including acoustic music or even Balinese dance or music performances.

4. Panama Kitchen & Pool

Restaurant, Seafood, Mexican, South American

Get Insta-ready for this ocean-themed café, as their décor is as luscious to the eye as the meal is delicious for the tongue. With the white and blue color scheme, vibrant umbrellas, open space, and beach house architecture, the seaside vibe is on point. If dipping in their pool is something you might be interested in, just bring your swimwear along with you. Panama Kitchen & Pool serves seafood and Western menus, along with a wide selection of fresh cold juices to cool you down in the warm sunshine.

5. Old Man's

Bar, Restaurant, Asian, Seafood, Indonesian, European, Wine, Beer

This seaside seafood shack and café looks and feels like an old captain’s fantasy. Located strategically enough to take advantage of the beach view and breeze, Old Man’s takes it up to another level with their own whimsical decoration, including a painted boat, blue murals, and colorful umbrellas. As for the food, the menu is guaranteed to satisfy all Asian, European, or Western tummies with the wide array of meal choices. Before it gets dark, it’s a good idea to switch your eyes from the gorgeous décor to the beach to watch the sunset.

6. Sea Vu Play

Bar, Cafe, Seafood, European, Vegetarian, Indonesian

Despite being located in the heart of the shopping scene in Seminyak, the beach vibe in this seafood shack is solid, from the open concept, playful interior, and nautical decoration to the taste of their food and presentation. Bright colors are in every corner of Sea Vu Play, treating your eyes while you feast on their seafood specials, finger food, and fresh drinks.

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