The 10 Best Vegan Restaurants in Ubud, Bali

Vegan noodles.
Vegan noodles. | © Sharon Chen / Unsplash

Ubud is a paradise destination for vegans. “Mama Bali” offers the best local ingredients, including fruits, herbs, beans, spices and vegetables, that mix together to create the most mouthwatering dishes. Ever heard of jackfruit nuggets? Or tempeh bacon? Prepare yourself for a multitude of divine delicacies.

Moksa Plant-based Restaurant & Permaculture Garden

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The view from Moksa permaculture garden in Ubud, Bali.
The view from Moksa permaculture garden in Ubud, Bali | © Moksa Ubud

An absolute gem of a place located in Sayan, north-west Ubud. Their mission is to offer “food that loves you back.” Well, they do: everything they prepare is 100% plant-based and locally sourced from their permaculture garden. Also, they have a yoga studio named the Moksa Dojo meaning “place of enlightenment,” surrounded by lush tropical nature. What’s better than a yoga class followed by a mouthwatering vegan meal?

Clear Café

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The cozy ambiance at Clear Café, Ubud, Bali
The cozy ambiance at Clear Café, Ubud, Bali | © Clear Café
A focus on local, ethical produce defines Clear Café, and this ethos is evident in everything they do. Their work to promote and foster the produce of local Balinese farmers is laudable, as is their dedication to healthy eating and positive energy – they promote the belief that energy can be transferred through food, and therefore maintain a positive and upbeat atmosphere in the kitchen at all times. However, it is the quality of the food that comes out of that kitchen that really counts, and theirs is second to none. The cuisine is international, incorporating dishes from the Middle East, Thailand, Indonesia, Mexico, and India, with both vegan and vegetarian options.


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With low yellow lighting and comfy seats, Sage is excellent for both a sit-down meal and a quick bite. Their chai coconut latte and vegan banana bread are perfect companions, while their burgers and burritos are known to move diners to tears of joy. The ambiance is cozy and the staff are super attentive. Ideal for a big group dinner, as they have a large central table.

Bali Buda

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vegan food burger plant-based diet in Ubud
Vegan jackfruit ad pineapple burger | Vegan jackfruit ad pineapple burger

Bali Buda is not just a restaurant, it’s a community with a conscious mission to serve healthy and locally produced food. They source their products from local farmers supervised by the Bali Organic association. Bali Buda is also a groceries shop, selling what might just be the best bread in Ubud!

Meal service:

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner


Cosy, Casual

Earth Café Ubud

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Plate Vegan Restaurant Vegetarian Vegan Restaurant
Smoothie Bowl | Smoothie Bowl
There are a number of local healthy food joints in Ubud town, and Earth Café Ubud offers some interesting and healthy options; buckwheat pancakes, banana and date lassis and dragon balls. The menu is 100% plant-based and has gluten-free options for most dishes as well, so there’s plenty on offer for those with dietary requirements.

Zest Ubud

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Guided by its motto “powered by plants – made for people,” Zest Ubud is doing a great job fostering that vital connection between humans and nature. Their location is breathtaking, overlooking the majestic trees of the Campuhan hill. Their menu is fantastic, offering non-conventional dish names with an explosion of taste. A perfect place to hang out from breakfast to dinner.

Akasha Restaurant & Juice Bar

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The dreamy Akasha Restaurant in Ubud, Bali.
The dreamy Akasha Restaurant in Ubud, Bali | © Akasha Restaurant

The drive up to Akasha, 15 minutes north of Ubud, is an experience in itself, up through emerald green rice fields and Balinese tropical forests. With giant dream-catchers hanging from the bamboo rafters, and large homey sofas, dining here fills both the body and soul. Their jackfruit nuggets are a compulsory must-eat.

Sari Organik

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fresh vegetables
Fresh vegetables | Fresh vegetables
From the menu to the ambiance, this restaurant is all about freshness. The open-air concept is perfect for enjoying the lovely green surroundings, as Sari Organik shares the neighborhood with expansive rice fields and a vegetable garden. The restaurant serves meals with fresh-from-the-garden ingredients; you can even ask to pick the produce yourself. Their menu has a wide selection, from rice and veggies to their very own homemade wines, produced with a touch of tropical fruits. Vegan and non-vegan options available.


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The burrito at KAFE, in Ubud, Bali.
The burrito at KAFE, in Ubud, Bali | © KAFE
Another great organic establishment, Kafe dishes out amazing veggie bites, juices and house-made soft drinks. Healthy breakfast options are available and the breakfast menu goes well into the afternoon too, supplemented by burritos, salads and sandwiches.

Meal service:

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner


Casual, Cosy

Warung Sopa

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Ask the staff for vegetarian and vegan menu before ordering your food | © pxhere

“Warung” in Indonesian means little family-owned business. Warung Sopa has the same cozy ambiance as any local shop, offering customers a sweet homely feeling to enjoy their food. It has buffet and à la carte options, perfect for a cheap meal and good time with friends.