The 10 Best Restaurants in Menteng, Jakarta

A classic Indonesian snack
A classic Indonesian snack | © Heshidayat / Pixabay
Edira Putri

As one of Jakarta’s most prominent neighbourhoods, it’s only natural that the best brands and establishments set up camp on every street and corner. From legendary heritage restaurants to hip modern ones, discover the best restaurants in Menteng, Jakarta.

1. Tugu Kunstkring Paleis

Restaurant, Asian, Indonesian, European

© Tugu Hotels

Housed by one of Jakarta’s charming colonial buildings, dining at this lavish restaurant will not just be a mere culinary treat; it’s also a fascinating cultural experience. The mix between European baroque style, earthy Javanese furniture, and even oriental adornments, neatly represents the heart and soul of the city, a melting pot of different cultures that leave their marks at certain periods of its rich history. The captivating diversity is also seen in its menu, that includes heritage recipes of traditional meals influenced by Dutch, Asian, and Indonesian cuisine.

2. Seribu Rasa

Restaurant, Indonesian

seribu rasa
© Arena Gourmet

Translates to ‘a thousand flavours’, this restaurant brings together the variety and diversity of Indonesian and Southeast Asian cuisine on the menu. The skilled chef will take diner through different cultures and eras of the region without leaving the comfort of the restaurant’s elegant and earthy interior. From the classic chicken satay to exotic pineapple fried rice a la Phuket, from their specialty seafood meals to colourful desserts, anyone can find and cherish their flavour in this restaurant.

3. Bunga Rampai

Restaurant, Indonesian

The restaurant’s grand and elegant colonial building would be the first pleasant treat in your dining experience. The second would be the lovely interior, with sweet adornments in every corner that bring together a homey rustic feel and sumptuous ambiance all in one place. Expats and locals alike love this restaurant for serving dignified versions of traditional meals from across the archipelago. Other than the elaborate and delicious full courses, Bunga Rampai is also a popular spot for high tea and soirée.

4. Lara Djonggrang

Restaurant, Indonesian

© Tugu Hotels
Inspired by the ancient folklore princess of the same name, Lara Djonggrang builds a mystical, ethnic, and romantic atmosphere that goes with the imperial traditional meals. Many of the interior pieces are authentic too, from ancient artifacts, materials from old temples, grand statues, and more. If that doesn’t make you feel like a Javanese royal already, wait until they serve you the regal feast from centuries-old recipes with theatrical presentation and authentic, luscious taste.

5. Ocha & Bella

Restaurant, Italian

This hip Italian restaurant is known for its killer pizza, delectable pasta, and excellent Italian meals overall. It’s where hungry urban dwellers come for a big meat feast with class, enjoying succulent pork knuckles or steak with splendid wine. The restaurant’s edgy interior design goes for both romantic and voguish, excellent for an intimate night for two or hanging out with a group of friends.

6. Plataran Menteng

Restaurant, Indonesian, Asian

Screen Shot 2018-06-10 at 11.32.34 AM
© Plataran

Carrying the reputation and elegance of the Plataran brand, this restaurant offers a dining experience with class. The classic colonial building is adorned with Javanese wood carved furniture and adornment, representing a charming fusion that is often present in the country due to its history. The three-storeys building has a spacious dining area, private dining area, rooftop bar, and cigar room to accommodate every taste and occasion. Food-wise, refined Indonesian meals from traditional dishes to desserts are on the menu along with invigorating cocktails.

7. Al Jazeerah Signature

Restaurant, Middle Eastern

For those days when you crave savoury Arabian food or just feeling adventurous enough to try something new, this restaurant puts a portal to the Middle East right at the heart of Menteng. From the authentic meals — falafel, biryani rice, curries, matbi, and everything else — to the lavish, Middle Eastern details in every corner of the room, diners can expect a rounded and elaborate dining experience that entices all the senses.

8. ¿Por Qué No?

Bar, Restaurant, Spanish

porqueno 8_Outdoor_deck_Rooftop
© ¿Por Qué No?

This restaurant quickly gained favour from the city’s hippest crowd, thanks to the quirky, vibrant interior and glorious rooftop view. But it’s the delectable Spanish delicacies that keep people coming back for more tapas and tequila. This restaurant also has dashing presentation that comes with every meal, invoking the senses for a rounded dining experience.

9. Restoran Trio

Restaurant, Chinese

Once the hippest and most popular restaurants in the neighbourhood, dining at Restoran Trio surely brings back memories for some, and a sense of wonder for others. Little has changed since it was first established in 1947, as the owner consistently brings diners delectable Cantonese food from generations-old recipes loved by many, from Dutch expats in the neighbourhood to curious urban youths. Don’t let the humble setting fool you, this restaurant has excellent service and peculiarly classy ambiance.

10. Bebek Bengil Menteng

Restaurant, Indonesian

© Bebek Bengil

Originally a popular culinary destination in Ubud, Bali, the brand has expanded to Jakarta’s coolest neighbourhoods and proved its quality. Bebek Bengil Menteng brings the unique charms of Bali through tasteful interior, adornments, and gardens with gazebo and earthy design that soothe your mind. No wonder this place is a popular choice for business lunches, meetings, or personal gatherings with good friends. This establishment also brings the popular duck-based meals and other Balinese recipes to the city.

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