The 10 Best Restaurants in Malang, Indonesia

Melati Restaurant, Malang
Melati Restaurant, Malang | © Tugu Hotel /
Edira Putri

Nothing completes a trip like delicious authentic local cuisine served in a delightful setting. From heritage eateries to temple-inspired cultural dining, discover the best restaurants in Malang, Indonesia.

1. Javanine Restaurant

Restaurant, Indonesian, European, Italian, Japanese

Javanine Restaurant
@javanineresto via Instagram

The opulent and elegant interior of this restaurant goes well with the classical Javanese cuisine it serves. The extensive menu covers anything from Malang specialty, authentic Java, to international dishes like steaks and pasta. Tourists can also enjoy the dining experience in a tastefully decorated space that gracefully incorporates natural light and plantlife for a dignified yet laid-back atmosphere.

2. Loe Mien Toe Café

Cafe, Restaurant, Indonesian, Chinese

Javanine Restaurant
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Not your typical coffee shop, this spot will not fall short as a cultural attraction. The cafe is housed in the dwelling of an ardent collector, so quirky ornaments and antiques in every corner are expected. Naturally, the home, which has an oriental architecture and theme, is also a popular spot for photo shoots. As for the menu, Loe Mien Toe offers various traditional snacks and dishes, Chinese food, and of course, coffee.

3. Taman Indie

Restaurant, Indonesian

Taman Indie Restaurant
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Dining at Taman Indie will take you to the lovely Javanese hometown you never had. You can feast on the scrumptious traditional dishes in one of the gazebos near the rice field, or opt for the traditional Javanese house surrounded by delightful gardens with a soothing sound of the gushing river in the background. The restaurant offers all-round traditional dishes, from main courses to snacks and beverages.

4. Toko Oen

Restaurant, European

Toko Oen Malang
@toko_oen_malang via Instagram

This restaurant is arguably a significant historical and cultural spot, first established in 1930 it quickly became popular among the Dutch socialites during the colonial era. Decades after independence, this restaurant still stands as an icon constantly renewing tourists’ devotion with its delicious ice cream and authentic European food. The building remains a humble colonial-style old house with an intimate and dignified atmosphere.

5. Kertanegara Restaurant

Restaurant, Indonesian, Chinese

Kertanegara Restaurant, Malang
© Courtesy of Kertanegara

From the outside, Kertanegara Restaurant looks like a dreamy cabin hidden in the embrace of lush tropical greenery. Once you’re enticed to come inside, you’ll be greeted by the homey atmosphere with a relaxing earthy tone. This restaurant offers an extensive menu, mainly Indonesian and Chinese, and several seating areas with different charms. The spacious area and ample facilities also make this restaurant excellent for group dining, meetings, and events.

6. Madam Wang Secret Garden

Restaurant, Indonesian, European

Find yourself in the middle of an exquisite garden, adorned with vintage furniture and ornaments. Take a little tour around the spacious restaurant before deciding where to sit, because it has various spots with different themes and decorations, from the charming sewing room to outdoor seating area surrounded by lush plantlife. Between taking pictures (because you’re going to do that a lot in this place), you can munch on the scrumptious traditional and international meals, along with their many options of cold beverages.

7. Royal Angkor Restaurant

Restaurant, Indonesian

Royal Angkor, Malang
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Yes, Angkor as in the majestic and exceptionally ornate Cambodian temple. Tourists will be dined inside a scaled-down Angkor Wat, with a seemingly authentic design, stone statues, and flickering candles, adding up neatly to create a magical nuance to engulf you in an unforgettable dining experience. Tourists can opt for special packages that will include full course meals and a private cultural performance.

8. Cleopatra Restaurant

Restaurant, European

Cleopatra Restaurant, Malang
© Gajahmada Graha Hotel /

Part of the famed Gajahmada Graha Hotel in Malang, this restaurant occupies the majestic Greco-Roman building that houses the hotel. Even just the building’s iconic façade is enough to entice anyone to step in just to adore the elegant architecture. The restaurant itself carries an equal amount of class and glam, with ornate pillars and marble statues. The exclusivity and romantic vibe goes with the opulent menu that includes European cuisine and traditional dishes.

9. Melati Restaurant

Restaurant, Indonesian, Dim Sum, European

Melati Restaurant, Malang
© Tugu Hotel /

No matter where you’re coming from, dining at Melati Restaurant will induce a heartwarming sense of nostalgia. Its elegant and classic atmosphere serves you well even before the home cooking-style food is served, its aroma filling the air. The restaurant has both oriental and colonial touches to its interior, attesting to the building’s historical and cultural significance. Once a month, tourists can enjoy a traditional performance with their meal in a rounded cultural experience.

10. Festival Dermaga Kuliner

Restaurant, Indonesian

Melati Restaurant, Malang
© Tugu Hotel /

This thematic restaurant goes all-out with its rounded nautical concept, from the boat-shaped tables to the waiters’ uniforms and well-decorated spots that may mislead your social media friends to think that you’re dining in an actual ship. Beyond the obvious fresh seafood menu, Festival Dermaga Kuliner offers various rice menus from different Indonesian specialties.

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