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HamuEco in Raja Ampat, Indonesia | Courtesy of HamuEco
HamuEco in Raja Ampat, Indonesia | Courtesy of HamuEco

The 10 Best Places to Stay in Raja Ampat, Indonesia

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Updated: 20 December 2017

While there is no doubt about Raja Ampat’s underwater charms, choosing where to stay after taking off the flippers may be vital to your overall experience. Make sure you’re having a time of your life above as well as below the water by staying at one of these places in Raja Ampat, Indonesia.


Papua Paradise Eco Resort

The magnificent Papua Paradise gives you access to house reefs that are always lively with exotic species such as manta rays, dugongs, reef sharks and more. Swim about the colorful, thriving coral, which is just a plunge away from your bungalow! Even better, the strategic location puts you less than 20 minutes away from nearby diving spots. Blissful views await even when you’re not under water, from the clear blue ocean to the breathtaking sunset, all visible from the comfort of your own private balcony. 

Raja Ampat Biodiversity Resort

This eco-friendly resort is located on one of Raja Ampat’s coolest neighborhood on Gam Island, a small and remote isle known for its idyllic coastline. Guests are just steps away from the translucent beach, but far away from all the worries of everyday life. From this strategic location, tourists can conveniently explore the best diving sites, local villages and bird-watching spots, before going back to the comfortable beachfront huts, responsibly made by sustainable materials and lit by solar-generated electricity. 

Cove Eco Resort

Staying in a private villa at the Cove Eco Resort will give you the delightful impression of having an island of your own. Occupying the shores of the small, remote island of Yeben — also known as “Mirror Ocean”— it takes less than a 10-minute boat ride to reach popular sightseeing spots above and below the sea, including the famed Pianemo Island and numerous diving spots. If you feel like being lazy, enjoy the spa treatments and beachfront daybeds.

Misool Eco Resort

Tucked in a horseshoe-shaped lagoon colored with translucent blue-to-turquoise shades is Misool Eco Resort, a home in paradise for nature seekers. Guests can enjoy not only a blissful view of the pristine coast but also the convenience of access to the mighty underwater scene, right from the terrace of their waterfront cottage. Those who prefer the idyllic pristine beach can opt for the villas built on the sand, surrounded by coconut trees and lush vegetation. The beauty and biodiversity in the house reefs are unquestionable, but even non-divers can also enjoy adventures above the surface such as kayaking, mangrove tours, and visits to cultural sites.

Kordiris Homestay

Kordiris is one of the most stunning and well-organized homestays, and is run by the local community. That means you get a full package of authentic local experience, stunning views of the opulent waters right outside your door and three meals a day, all at an affordable price, while directly helping the local economy. Some bungalows are built over water and others are perched on the white sand coast, with a private balcony and a hammock to laze the day away or relax after a long adventurous day.

HamuEco Dive Resort

For tourists looking to meet and interact with more than fish and sea turtles, HamuEco offers a great opportunity to make friends with locals. In between underwater exploration, guests can stroll by the wooden deck that leads to the ocean or relax tense muscles on the hammock in the waterfront balcony, while waiting for the magnificent sunset.

Papua Explorers

More than just a place to stay, Papua Explorers is a hub for your Raja Ampat escapades, managed with guests’ best adventure experience in mind. The managers are passionate divers, so they know exactly how to make your trip unforgettable, complete with intimate knowledge of the best surrounding area. Likewise, the diving area is one of the resort’s best highlights, with experienced guides who will take you exactly where you aspire to be, whether you want to see manta rays or vibrant coral reefs. The airy bungalows may be built in the traditional Papuan style, but they come with modern comforts and amenities.

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Papuarts Alter-Native Stay

If you’re interested in more than Raja Ampat’s mesmerizing subsurface, at Papuarts you can fully immerse in local life. The traditionally-built homestays offer just enough to be comfortable, while keeping sustainability and closeness with nature in mind. It’s located between the sea and tropical jungle, so the guests can enjoy the ambiance of both at this place. The owners go all-out to incorporate Papuan traditions and culture into your stay, be it through philosophy, building construction, or programs such as traditional craft workshops. 

Kakatua Hostels

Good news for backpackers and solo travelers, Raja Ampat finally has a charming but affordable hostel. A glance at the tastefully-decorated shared rooms will convince you that the low price tag doesn’t remove from the comfort of your stay. The bunk beds, shared living room, and even the bathrooms are clean and cozy, with an earthy but modern feel. Popular among foreign tourists, this hostel is also a great place to meet and make friends with fellow travelers.