How To Spend 48 Hours in Malang, Indonesia

Photo of Edira Putri
19 February 2018

A charming small town in East Java with a laid-back and intimate atmosphere to wash away the urban dirts and fatigue, Malang has an assortment of attractions that will refresh you on just one short getaway. From natural wonders to cultural excursions, discover how to spend 48 hours in Malang, Indonesia.

Day 1

Morning: Explore the Rainbow Village

Start the day bright and beaming by visiting the most colourful spot in Malang. Previously a riverside slum, the Jodipan Village in Malang is now gleaming with bursts of colours and fun 3D pictures. Simply explore the village area, enjoy the view from the dazzling yellow bridge, take hundreds of Insta-worthy pictures, and buy a souvenir or two to help the local economy.

Jodipan, Malang City, East Java

SCTP0064-Bagus-Mount Bromo and Jodipan00375

© Putu Bagus Susastra / Culture Trip

Noon: Eat the famed Bakso Malang

Bakso or Indonesian meatball dish is the centrepiece of Malang’s vibrant culinary sphere. The meatballs come with an assortment of tofu, fried wonton, and other fried goods, along with rice noodle and egg noodle, soaked in a savoury hot broth that will warm your body amid the crisp Malang weather. Bakso President and Bakso Bakar Pak Man are among the most legendary bakso places not to miss.

Bakso sold on a cart | © rai_19 / Flickr

Afternoon: Visit the city’s past

During Indonesia’s prehistoric times, Malang was a crucial town in the mighty Singosari Kingdom that ruled parts of modern-day East Java. The ancient empire left us some impressive historical sites to observe, including the famed Singosari Temple that is decorated with symbolic adornments and intricate statues. You can also visit Jago Temple, whose architecture uniquely shows influences from Buddhism and Hinduism.

Singosari Temple, Malang, Indonesia | © astama81/Pixabay

Evening: Relax at the city’s square

Wind down after a long and fun day the locals’ way. Malang’s Square has this soothing atmosphere, thanks to the lush greeneries, fountains, and airy space. Tourists can also watch dozens of white doves roaming about the park while munching on local snacks or participating in fun activities.


Malang Square | © Robi Wahyudi / Flickr

Alun Alun Malang, Kiduldalem, Malang City, East Java, Indonesia

Day 2: Explore Batu

The City of Batu was a part of the Malang Regency only until 2001, but until today remains one of the must-visit spots from Malang. The trip from Malang to Batu takes less than an hour, so it makes a convenient and well-rewarding day trip.

Morning: Pick the Prized Malang Apple

Thanks to its cool atmosphere, Malang produces a whole lot of apples with good quality. In Batu, you can start the day outdoors picking these famed apples while enjoying the highland view and basking in the tropical sunlight. Malang’s apples are also popular as souvenirs throughout Indonesia, so make sure you bring some home.

Batu Square, Malang | © Prayitno / Flickr

Mid-morning: Visit the amusement park of your choice

Although its natural features and crisp weather are remarkable, Batu is mostly popular for the scores of amusement parks within its area. The Jatim Park chain manages among the most popular and well-developed amusement parks in Batu, with three establishments in the same complex to choose from.

Jatim Park 1 offers numerous fun rides for kids and adults, a waterpark, and cultural exhibitions. Jatim Park 2 is more educational, covering a zoological museum and a walk-in zoo. Jatim Park 3 is dedicated to the prehistoric era, with a fascinating dinosaurs theme and decoration. Take your time to visit the ones you’re interested in before moving on to next attractions.

Jatim Park I, Jalan Dewi Sartika Atas, Sisir, Batu City, East Java, Indonesia

Afternoon: Visit Museum Angkut

Map View
Gangster Town in Museum Angkut, Malang
Gangster Town in Museum Angkut, Malang | © Marie / Flickr
This transportation museum boasts extensive collections of various vehicles to showcase, from replicas of antique cars to space rockets. Not only will tourists be able to observe the meticulous and wide collections, they will also enjoy the elaborate concepts and areas that host the collections. We’re talking a scaled-down Buckingham Palace that houses Brit-style vehicles and an outdoor set of Hollywood with classic American cars lining up the streets.

Evening: Batu Night Spectacular (BNS)

The vibrant festivity lives on through the night in Batu, as the amusement park lights up and turns on its rides. Batu Night Spectacular is a beaming festival night market that will make you feel a lot more cheery just by looking at the lights swirling around with the rides that carry laughing people. Aside from the usual amusement park rides, you can delight yourself in the stunning lampion garden or challenge yourself to a ghost house ride.