Customer Review - 'I've caught the travel bug'

Tejal joined our trip to Bali and is already planning several more adventures with Culture Trip
Tejal joined our trip to Bali and is already planning several more adventures with Culture Trip | Courtesy of Tejal

Editorial Manager

Management Consultant Tejal lives in London and describes herself as a ‘city girl’. Looking for something outside of her comfort zone, our Blissful Bali trip seemed like the perfect fit for some time away. Here’s Tejal talking to our Director of Content Cassam about their shared passion for travel, and why Culture Trip’s unique escapes are so addictive.

‘It looked like a jam-packed adventure that would be fabulous’, Tejal explains when asked what was so appealing about a trip to Bali. The popular destination is one of our top-sellers and is just the sort of trip that people have been craving over the last few years.

Travelling half way across the world to meet up with a group of strangers was an experience that Tejal enjoyed, even though she initially had reservations. ‘I was travelling solo and most people were there with other people, but we still stay in touch today. It was a great part of the adventure!’

She also credits our Bali Local Insider – a feature of all of our Trips – with playing a big part in making her feel welcome and comfortable. ‘Doing a trip like this is different because you have someone embedded in your group who understands the language, understands the culture and takes care of the itinerary. He broke down all the barriers and we could enjoy the trip. He even sorted out our laundry… he was like a magician!’

Culture Tripper Tejal enjoying another day in Blissful Bali

Some of the highlights Tejal and her group enjoyed include:

Climbing Mount Batur for view of spectacular sunsets
Swimming with giant turtles
Exploring the island of Gili
Spending time with a Balinese family
Cycling through rice fields

‘Our group are still in touch. We just share snippets of what we’re doing. The number one thing is we all love travelling now, I’ve massively got the travel bug.’

So much so, in fact, that Tejal has already booked a place on our incredible 10-day Southern Thailand itinerary, and is even planning on extending the trip further. In the words of this satisfied Culture Tripper: ‘a regular holiday just doesn’t feel like a holiday since doing the Bali trip’.

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