The Top Vegetarian Restaurants in Tianjin

<a href="">Roasted squash with kale | © Stacy/Flickr</a>
<a href="">Roasted squash with kale | © Stacy/Flickr</a>
Photo of Jon Santangelo
2 July 2017

As the trend of healthy living spreads throughout China, so is the concept of vegetarianism. Although traditional Chinese cuisines offer more than enough vegetarian dishes, restaurants almost always serve their meat counterparts. Locals are increasingly turning their attention to veggie-only meals. Finding vegetarian restaurants in Tianjin used to be a challenge but nowadays is quite easy. Here are some of the best.


Restaurant with Rooms, Healthy, Vegetarian

The highest end vegetarian restaurant in Tianjin is a one of a kind dining experience that’s not to be missed. Zen even requires reservations to be made one day in advance. Offering very little in the way of imitation meat (unlike its competitors) and is an intimate experience with only nine tables in the entire restaurant.

Pu'er Vegetarian Hot Pot

Restaurant, Contemporary, Vegetarian

Stepping into chilled out Pu’er is said to be a similar vibe to entering a sacred Buddhist temple. If you’re a fan of Chinese Hot Pot, then whether you’re vegetarian or not, you must try this all you-can-eat place.

Yuanman Vegetarian Restaurant

Restaurant, Healthy, Vegetarian, Chinese

Offering diners funny menu item translations in Chinglish such as “Bacteria”, “Private Jellyfish” and “Kernel Blasting Dragon Eel” the food here will surprise you. Although the drinks are said to be overpriced, Yuanman is highly recommended for the quality of its food.

Aulare Urban Latin Restaurant

Restaurant, Chinese, Vegetarian

Not purely a vegetarian restaurant, but the only international venue on this list, Aulare serves up an array of Latin food that includes veggie-friendly options. Try their Mediterranean Salad or the scrumptious Vegetarian Pizza.

Hong Yuan Xiang

Tea Room, Bar, Restaurant, Tea

Good value for money, Hong Yuan Xiang offers a plethora of veggie dishes but isn’t very spacious. Make sure to bring a Chinese-fluent dining partner since absolutely nothing in the restaurant is written in English, and there’s a lack of photos to go along with the menu items.

Yindeberg Lots Vegetarian Restaurant (Hebei Branch)

Restaurant, Healthy, Vegetarian

This small, homestyle restaurant may not be as fancy as some of the other vegetarian restaurants on this list, but its organic feel is what makes it unique. For less than 20RMB you can stuff yourself silly on their buffet. This economical and environmental friendly outlet is worth a visit.

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