The Best Street Food Stalls In Macau

Macau Portuguese Egg Tart | cegoh (Public Domain) / Pixabay
Macau Portuguese Egg Tart | cegoh (Public Domain) / Pixabay
Photo of Matthew Keegan
3 February 2017

Street food in Macau is no ordinary street food, it’s Michelin-rated street food. For the first time in history, the 2016 Michelin Food and Dining Guide for Hong Kong and Macau included 12 street food vendors. This just confirms what locals have known for years, that their street food is some of the best in the world. Here’s a handful of those delicious street eats that you can’t afford to miss on your next trip to Macau.

Lord Stow’s Bakery

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As egg tarts go, the Macau Portuguese egg tart trumps them all. They have become Macau’s own edible icon and attract visitors from all over to come to the famous bakery (where they were first introduced to Macau) to buy them by the box load. With their flaky pastry crusts, delicious egg custard centres and crispy crème brulee tops, they taste twice as nice when piping hot.

Sun Ying Kei

Home to Macau’s other signature snack – the pork chop bun. Essentially, it’s a fried pork chop in a bun that is crispy on the outside and very soft inside. Such is the popularity that it’s often described as “the Macanese version of a hamburger”. Pork chop buns can be found in various places in Macau, but this is the original shop, located in Taipa. Succulent pork chops are coupled with warm, chewy buns that emerge from the oven daily at 2pm sharp. Head here for a taste of a local Macanese speciality.

Sun Ying Kei, 2B Rua da Alegria do Patane, Macau

Macau pork chop bun | © Wei-Te Wong / Flickr

Fong Kei

Another popular snack that people go crazy for are the Macau style almond cakes and cookies. This centuries old pastry shop specialises in them. However, Fong Kei have put their own spin on these ubiquitous cookies by adding seasoned pork and Michelin, much like the tourists who buy them in huge numbers, definitely approve.

Fong Kei,14 Rua do Cunha, Taipa, Macau

Lemon Cello

The long and hot summer months in Macau beg for a refreshing treat to help cool you down and in Macau most people head here. They offer more than 60 flavours of ice cream, including unconventional flavours ginger, beancurd, durian and banana sesame. The house special limoncello gelato is delicious.

Lemon Cello, Trav. Se 11r/c, Macau

Mok Yee Kei

Believed to be the first place to start selling durian flavoured ice cream, they are now famous for their durian desserts. The beloved Asian fruit isn’t to everyone’s tastes, but whether you love it or hate it, the durian fruit is an experience not to be missed while travelling in Asia.

Mok Yee Kei, 9 Rua do Cunha, Taipa, Macau

Dai Gwan

This street vendor near Senado Square is known for its black pepper buns, served fresh out of the oven. The flaky biscuit-like buns are stuffed with black pepper pork and spring onions and are a must try while in Macau.

Dai Gwan, 1 Rua do Monte, Macau


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Because of it is a port city, Macau has long been a landing spot for international cuisines. These days Korean food is all the rage locally and this cafe well and truly hits the sweet spot. They serve Korean style waffled desserts, the most popular of which is the “bungeoppang”, a Korean style yogurt ice cream filled in a prosperity fish shaped waffle cone. Catch it if you can.

Chong Shing

Tucked away on a side street that’s easily overlooked, this place is a hidden gem. Head here for some delicious dim sum. The shop serves steamed buns and classic dim sum, like shumai and mah lai goh (a Cantonese sponge cake).

Chong Sing, 11 Rua de Tome Pires, Macau

Lei Ka Choi

This is the best place to come for traditional clay pot dishes and snacks (hearty Cantonese comfort food). Signature dishes include their boiled beef brisket, stewed chicken soup with Chinese herb and their famous deep fried fish balls. A duck’s blood soup was among the dishes noted by Michelin. Of course, wontons and noodles are also available for the less adventurous among you.

Shop E-G028 Broadway Macau, Cotai

Yi Shun

This is still the best place to go for a bowl of Chinese steamed milk pudding, served cold or piping hot. They now have numerous branches across Macau and Hong Kong too, but this is the original store and they do it best. For a little spin, try the the double skinned milk pudding with red bean, or the steamed milk with ginger for that extra kick.

Yi Shun, 60 Avenida de Almeida Ribeiro, Macau

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