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FNJI, Beijing | Julianna Tetreault / © Culture Trip
FNJI, Beijing | Julianna Tetreault / © Culture Trip
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The Best Design Stores to Kit Out Your Home in Beijing

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Updated: 20 December 2017
So, you’ve finally made the move to Beijing, and you’re ready to make your new home your own. With a handful of design stores supplying Beijingers with foreign amenities, and others offering more China-chic furniture, the city has it all. Here’s our guide to the best design stores to kit out your home in Beijing.
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Lost and Found

From the outside, Lost and Found looks like a sprawling, renovated home with floor-to-ceiling windows, and from the inside, it has the feel of one of Beijing’s more modern courtyard hutongs – it is only appropriate that the store is located on the city’s historic Gouzijian street. Lost and Found is not only a design store, but a concept, selling traditional trinkets and furniture, with a modernized and minimalistic feel. The items for sale say ‘China’, but in a very subtle and chic way. Lost and Found is the perfect place to both model your home’s interior after, as well as purchase some of the most eclectic Beijing-esque home goods.

42 Guozijian Jie, Beijing, China, +86 6401 1855


Lost and Found, Beijing | Julianna Tetreault / © Culture Trip

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Inspired by Scandinavian decor, HAY is a contemporary design shop fully equipped to kit out your home in Beijing. Decorating is made easy with their stylish home goods – with everything from eccentric wall hooks, to sleek light fixtures, they’ve got it all. As far as furniture goes, HAY sells reasonably priced, simply designed pieces, that are liable to fit in any home setting. If pops of bright colors, and European-influenced décor is your thing, then HAY is the design store for you.

1/F, R&F Plaza, East Third Ring Road, Beijing, China, +86 5903 7231

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If your kitchen is in need of some love, Cuccina is the place to shop for all of your food prep and cooking needs. The store itself is clean and modern, and is decorated with pops of bright oranges, greens, and yellows – it is packed with floor-to-ceiling shelving stocked with high-quality, foreign and domestic-made kitchen necessities. From large kitchen items top-notch trashcans, to smaller items like measuring spoons, Cuccina has everything imaginable to kit out your kitchen.

Yingfeng North Road, Beijing, China

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Pronounced ‘fanji, FNJI is located next-door to Beijing’s beloved Lost and Found design store. With the same renovated courtyard hutong feel, this two-in-one design shop and café is yet another classy shop that can easily be mistaken for a home. FNJI’s eclectic fusion of aesthetically pleasing, simplistic, and contemporary furniture can be seen in pieces crafted from high-end American woods, and influenced by both Chinese and Japanese designs. The furniture sold here is long-lasting, and will simply never go out of style.

41 Guozijian Road, Beijing, China, +86 5367 2899


FNJI, Beijing | Julianna Tetreault / © Culture Trip

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Similar to an IKEA store layout and inventory, but different in well, every other way, MUJI is a lifestyle store selling top-notch home necessities. Unlike many other stores in Beijing, this design store sells foreign items that can’t be found in most other shops – items such as measuring cups, which can be difficult to track down in the capital city, can be bought here, among many other odds and ends. A key difference between MUJI and similar competitors is that MUJI’s products have a Japanese influence, reflected in both quality and style.

1 Chaoyang Park West Road, Beijing, China, +86 10 5965 6848

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The concept of this design store is one that is unforgettable – built around the idea of a blank sheet of notebook paper, the Zaozuo store was constructed with black and white crisscrossing lines on its ceiling, and boasts a crisp, clean interior throughout. Zaozuo’s furniture is no different from its storefront; its pieces are minimalistic in design, and huge in functionality. Selling everything from individual utensils, to bedroom sets, it has all your voguish household necessities in one place.

LG, Room 21, Indigo 18 Jiuxianqiao Lu, Beijing, China, +86 5944 6378


Zaozuo store, Beijing | Courtesy of Nichetto Studio

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Mizu Lab Botanical Lifestyle

Still chic as ever, but now just a bit harder to locate, Mizu Lab Botanical Lifestyle is located behind a make-shift concrete wall, after the recent string of brickings in Beijing’s hipster-hutong area of Wudaoying. Although the store does not look like much from the outside, from the inside Mizu Lab Botanical Lifestyle is a tiny, à la mode shop stocked with beautiful plants, high-end, plant-based products, and one-off copper decorations. Between the store’s many succulents and cacti, and their furniture that practically oozes contemporary elegance, it is hard not to want to purchase literally everything while shopping here.

No. 25 Jianchang Hutong, Guozijian Jie, Beijing, China, +1 89 1049 8961

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Lily’s Antiques

Established almost 20 years ago as the go-to antique shop in Beijing, Lily’s Antiques has grown into a colossal design store, museum, and café, all in one. Although the name says otherwise, Lily’s Antiques does not only sell antiquated furniture – a trip here can result in both period pieces, as well as modern decorations. With its expansive inventory of both classical and contemporary designs, finding eclectic furniture you wouldn’t be able to find elsewhere is easy to do here. If you’re looking to give your Beijing abode a worldly feel, then Lily’s Antiques is a shopping must.

Gaobeidian Showroom, 69 Gaobeidian Furniture Street, Beijing, China, +86 8579 2458