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© Anthony yuan / Flickr

The Best Bars in Shenzhen

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Updated: 21 November 2017

Drinking culture exists practically everywhere, and especially in China. At times it can prove to be difficult to find the bar to go to with so many options, but ponder no longer! In this article, we’ve broken down which bars are the best bars to get your drink on when in Shenzhen – continue reading for our top seven choices.

The Terrace

The Terrace is the epitome of a versatile bar; rated as one of the best bars in Shenzhen, The Terrace also satisfies hungry customers’ appetites with delicious Thai food, all the while providing crowds with pretty exceptional live music.  Service here is extremely expat-friendly, and the prices are quite reasonable for the area. Between the casually chaotic atmosphere and array of drink choices, this bar should be on everyone’s to-drink list!

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TAPS Brewpub

Equipped with both an expansive outdoor area and IPA selection, TAPS Brewpub stays busy satiating customers’ beer cravings. TAPS Brewpub only serves one size for drinks, but its large menu and delicious brews compensate for what the standard sizing lacks. Any beer lover traveling through Shenzhen should certainly make a night of IPAs and friends on TAPS Brewpub’s outdoor porch.

V Bar

When the weather is warm, and a cold poolside drink is necessary, head on over to the V Bar at the Venice Hotel.  This venue is relaxing and unpredictable; at times there is live music, and other times it is quieter and more relaxed. Unlike many other bars in the area, the V Bar has an outdoor area with a sprawling pool where customers can sip on a drink of their choice and unwind, making it the perfect place to drink in the summer.


This bar’s name is pretty self-explanatory – expats are more than welcome to enjoy some pub grub and drinks with both foreigners and locals alike.  Xpats not only has a really relaxed vibe to it but also some amazing drink specials–on Monday nights, customers can enjoy an “all-you-can-drink” night for RMB 100 (US$15).  And, of course, with a drink special like that, some food is necessary; Xpats serves up British-style fish and chips and other late-night dishes to fast-track that hangover recovery. This bar proves to be a perfect casual and friendly foreigner bar.

The Peat Cocktail & Whisky

The Peat Cocktail & Whisky is a hidden gem in one of Shenzhen’s business districts. Serving up elegant cocktails and speciality whisky drinks, this bar will make you feel like you’ve gone back in time to a ritzy Prohibition-era cocktail bar. The décor is stunning, and the venue has a warm glow to it, making the overall ambience sophisticated and relaxing. Whether for a romantic night out, or after-work drinks, The Peat Cocktail & Whisky is the bar to go to.


If you’re looking for a bar that has great company, food, and most importantly, drinks, then McCawley’s is the pub for you. McCawley’s is best known for both their friendly staff and clientele, as well as for their excellent beer selection. Although spending a night drinking, and possibly dining, here can get a bit pricey, McCawley’s atmosphere and crowd is worth every penny!

The Snake Pit

Otherwise known as the “oldest expat bar in Shenzhen,” The Snake Pit has been serving up drinks for over 30 years! The bar has a classic ’80s feel to it, which makes the atmosphere fun. In the kitchen, the chefs serve up delicious pub grub to customers with the munchies; overall, the staff is incredibly welcoming, and the entire bar has a friendly and accepting feel to it. Whether you venture to The Snake Pit for its history or its variety of drinks, this bar is truly a comfortable place to spend a night drinking with friends and family.