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Beijing | © anthonychong / Pixabay
Beijing | © anthonychong / Pixabay
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The 11 Best Things to See and Do in Chaoyang, Beijing

Picture of Julianna Tetreault
Updated: 5 January 2018
Chaoyang is Beijing’s most populous district – home to some of Beijing’s most iconic streets, restaurants, art, and architecture, it’s a must-see while visiting the city. Want to know the best things to see and do while you’re there? Then read on for our top picks.
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Indulge in some tailor-made clothing at J & H Bespoke Tailoring

While tailor-made clothing is considered a luxury in many places, in China, it is merely another way to purchase clothing. The price to get something tailor-made is surprisingly reasonable at many shops throughout Beijing, and because of this, a number of travelers take full advantage of the personalized shopping experience while staying in the city.

Being the central area for embassies, Chaoyang district is a hub for high-quality tailors. Whether you’re in Beijing for business, pleasure, or school, spoiling yourself with some custom clothing is a must, and for your tailoring needs, we recommend J & H Bespoke Tailoring; catering to high-profile clientele, her work is both highly impressive, as well as very reasonably priced. Locating J & H Tailoring can be a bit difficult since most clients know of the shop by word of mouth, but if you do succeed in hunting down J & H Tailoring, your accomplishment will reap wonderful rewards in the form of beautifully fitted clothing.

No. 1-1 Happy Village 2, Beijing, China, +86 185 0008 6728


J & H Bespoke Tailoring, Beijing | © Culture Trip / Julianna Tetreault

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See some of the best art first-hand at 798 Art District

Considered by locals to be a district of its own, Chaoyang’s 798 Art District is a playground for the artistic beings in China. Home to some of China’s most noteworthy artwork, it’s a space where collective creative Beijingers can exercise their want to design. Painting, molding, sculpting, drawing – whatever your medium may be, there is a space for it in Chaoyang.

If you are not a visionary yourself, but instead appreciate the work of others, then this sub-district of Chaoyang is just the place for you. With its museums, storefronts, and showrooms, the 798 Art District takes showing-off local talent to the next level; visitors can take in everything from interactive artwork, to creative workshops and classes available for those with high interest, but with low creativity of their own.

Beijing, China, +86 10 5978 9114

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Venture to Sanlitun’s bar street for late-night drinks

Sanlitun’s bar street is infamous with locals and intriguing to out-of-towners. The bustling Chaoyang bar area is best known for its crowded venues and nightly debauchery. This being said, not all bars in Sanlitun are chaotic; with an array of places to grab a late-night drink, visiting the bar street at least once should be on everyone’s Chaoyang bucket list. Not only is Sanlitun home to some of the city’s most famous bars, but it is also the perfect place to experience China’s drinking culture for yourself. Cultivating relationships, and engaging in the culture first-hand is one of the best ways to enjoy Sanlitun’s bar street on your own, making this a must while staying in Chaoyang.

Beijing, China

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Go for a walk around Chaoyang Park

Chaoyang Park is a beautiful sub-district within Chaoyang district. The sub-district was given its name due to its green areas, as the district is bountiful in nature. With its many parks, Chaoyang Park area offers visitors a handful of choices when it comes to picking a place to get their nature fix. Taking a walk through one of Chaoyang Park’s parks will prove to be both beautiful, and relaxing. So, grab a friend, a dog, or your sneakers, and take full advantage – you won’t regret it!

No. 1 Chaoyanggongyuannan Road, Beijing, China, +86 10 6591 5258

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Show off your competitive side at one of Q-Mex’s quiz nights

Quiz nights at Q-Mex in Chaoyang are the real deal. On Wednesday nights, the restaurant is typically packed with hopeful competitors and spectators waiting to watch the quiz unravel over a heaping plate of delicious Mexican food. For quiz participants, Q-Mex’s quiz nights are the perfect way to alleviate a bit of competitive energy, while for supporters, they’re a great way to engage in the fun without having to challenge themselves. Whether you’re a quiz night fanatic looking for something engaging to do in a team setting, or a wallflower excited to observe the showdown, grabbing a burrito and a margarita on a Wednesday night will have never been so much fun!

Workers’ Sports Complex, North Road, Beijing, China, +86 10 6585 3828

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See a Chinese film at Sanlitun’s MEGABOX theatre

Chaoyang has just about everything and anything you could want or need in a district. With its growing population, and continual expansion, the district is packed full of cultural fun, and whether you’re in Chaoyang for a day or a year, seeing a Chinese film at Chaoyang’s MEGABOX theatre is a must. The cinema is underground, and unassuming at first glance, but upon arrival, it becomes apparent that seeing a film here is quite the experience. The theatre’s seats are plush, and the venue is spacious, giving any movie-goer optimal comfort during the film. Chaoyang’s MEGABOX theatre should be the first choice for anyone looking to watch one of the latest Chinese films – we recommend Youth – in utmost comfort.

No. 19 Sanlitun Road, Area B2, Beijing, China, +86 10 6417 6118

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While away a day at The Bookworm

For bibliophiles and drinkers alike, The Bookworm is the epitome of an oasis in Chaoyang. With an ever-growing selection of books, top-shelf liquor, and delicious caffeinated drinks, The Bookworm supplies readers with everything they need to while away a day. From the inside, the bookstore is spacious, with shelves of books lining the walls, and tables of the latest released stories. The Bookworm looks similar to a home library, and it has the comforting feel of one, too.

Building 4, South Sanlitun Road, Beijing, China, +86 10 6586 9507


The Bookworm’s steps, Beijing | © Culture Trip / Julianna Tetreault

Get your taco fix at The Taco Bar

Bar, Restaurant, Mexican
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Tacos | © City Foodsters / Flickr

Get your taco fix at The Taco Bar

With its endless supply of food, Chaoyang district is the district to get your taco fix. At The Taco Bar, customers can expect some of the most authentic tacos in Beijing, with fresh ingredients and spot-on flavours. Beijingers flock from all over the city to the Chaoyang district, and because of this, patrons can expect to wait for a table on most nights – if you can, be sure to book ahead.

Courtyard 4, Beijing, China, +86 10 6501 6026

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5:00 pm - 12:00 am
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Barter like a Beijinger at the Silk Market

An essential part of every Beijinger’s life is knowing how to barter, and knowing how to do it well. Bartering in China is an art, and being able to secure a more reasonable price for everyday necessities (cabs, clothes, and food), is imperative. To experience the art of haggling on your own, venture to Chaoyang’s Silk Market – the perfect bartering hub to take a swing at some of your own persuasive techniques. The Silk Market is essentially a massive, multistory shopping center, supplying locals with everything from hand-made goods, to high-fashion, branded goods.

8 Xiushui East Street, Beijing, China, +86 10 5676 7766

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Tour the Olympic facilities and see where the pros competed

In 2008, Beijing hosted the Summer Olympics in Chaoyang district. In order to host such a prestigious event, the city had to, of course, ensure that everything would go without a hitch in the future when constructing its Olympic facilities. In the end, Beijing’s Olympic Park came out beautifully; its architecture proved to be fitting for such an event boasting a sleek and modern complex. Today, people flock from all over China (read: the world), to visit the Olympic Park and see the impressive complex that stretches across a portion of Chaoyang district.

Beijing, China, +86 10 8499 2008

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Go shopping at Sanlitun Tai Koo Li

Formerly known as Sanlitun Village, Sanlitun Tai Koo Li is a massive shopping block – 19 storefronts stretch across two shopping sites – in Chaoyang’s Sanlitun sub-district. The shopping area has become famous worldwide not only for its sprawling complex but also for its Adidas store, which is the largest in the world. A home to not only storefronts, but also to restaurants, bars and lounges, art, and means of entertainment, Sanlitun Tai Koo Li draws crowds of people from around the city to its Chaoyang location each day. For the ultimate shopping experience, taking a trip to Sanlitun Tai Koo Li is a must – shopaholics beware!

19 Sanlitun Rd, SanLiTun, Chaoyang Qu, Beijing Shi, China, +86 10 6536 0512