The Best Ice Cream Parlors In Cape Town, South Africa

The Best Ice Cream Parlors In Cape Town, South Africa
With its perfect seaside views and sweltering hot summer days, Cape Town, South Africa is the ideal place for a self-indulgent, double scoop of refreshing ice cream. Here are the best ice-cream parlors to visit.
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The Creamery Café

Good for you, and for your conscience, The Creamery crafts organic ice creams. The flavors here are subject to seasonal availability and are handmade by your personal ice cream barista. Using sustainably produced ingredients sourced from local farms, the cafe offers a variety of classic ice cream flavors. This includes 65 percent chocolate, peanut butter, rosetta roastery coffee and sea-salt caramel. The other ice creams, however, are a range of fascinating concessions such as cinnamon and apple jam. So, intrepid ice cream explorers, it is time for you to take a chance and try something new.

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Gelato Mania

Situated right on the docks in Green Point, Gelato Mania is a gelateria that serves fresh, homemade gelato in handmade waffle cones. Using only the highest quality ingredients, Gelato Mania ensures that their product, which takes 72 hours to make, is free of animal and vegetable fats, alcohol, gelatine, preservatives or artificial colorants. Even the full cream cow’s milk they use is hormone free. Offering the largest variety of gelato in one parlor, Gelato Mania’s -14˚C gelatos and sorbets come in a number of divine flavors. These include Turkish delight, after eight mint and tiramisu. Determined not to leave anyone out, Gelato Mania even offers a chocolate gelato for diabetics.

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Sinnfull Ice Cream

Set on the backdrop of the serene Atlantic Ocean, Sinnfull has seen the creation of more than 450 flavors, awarding the ice cream parlor a place in the Guinness Book of Records. All of these flavors are hand-made by founder Britta Sinn whose love of ice cream originated from her days working in her parents’ Italian ice cream parlor. Supplying local restaurants and hotels, Britta is even, on occasion, able to make ice cream flavors to order. Some particular local favorites include the wickedly indulgent White Chocolate & Poppy Seed or the surprisingly spicy Saffron & Pistachio.

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A treat for froyo (frozen yoghurt) lovers who are out and about in the Mother City, Myog is an eco-loving, fat hating, frozen yogurt joint. Watching their footprint, the store is designed to have maximum sustainability with recycled serving pots and energy saver equipment. So, you can enjoy guilt-free frozen yogurt. This place uses locally sourced dairy products and natural ingredients. Here, you can be sure that your healthy snack is also supporting the local community. Choose from any of the classic froyo flavors, including refreshing strawberry or tempting chocolate.

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Cold Gold

Not just serving scoops, this artisan heaven of all things frozen are masters at producing traditional favorites such as sorbet, ice cream sandwiches and even ice cream cookies, all in the flavor of your choice. The sheer range of speciality ice creams is staggering as Cold Gold believes in never excluding anyone from the dessert table. Whatever your dietary requirement, be sure there is an ice cream and a flavor to fit it. There have been more than 500 flavors created since the parlor opened. With weekly flavor favorites, you can be sure that your choice won’t be easy. A particular flavor to try is the pear, vanilla and macadamia ice cream. Or, maybe choose the cabernet franc and cape fig sorbet if you are feeling more ice than cream. It’s a little beyond the city limits, in Stellenbosch, but if you’re on the road, Cold Gold is worth a pit stop.