15 Gifts For People Obsessed With South Africa

South African flag © Flowcomm/Flickr
South African flag © Flowcomm/Flickr
Photo of Lee-Shay Collison
9 February 2017

Whether you’re shopping for a Saffa abroad, a visiting relative or yourself, these proudly South African gifts are sure to delight any South African-obsessed person come Christmas.

Monopoly Cape Town Edition

Cape Town is the first South African city to have its own version of the famous property board game. For $32, roll the dice and make your move to win all the major historical and tourist sites of the Mother City such as the Two Oceans Aquarium, Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden, and the Iziko South African Museum.

Monopoly | © John Morgan/Flickr

Adopt An African Penguin

If you or your friend are animal lovers, consider adopting one of these cute critters from SANCCOB. Choose between a penguin chick being reared at the rescue center before being released into the wild, or one of the pen birds who live permanently at SANCCOB as they cannot survive in the wild. The cost ranges from $21 to $70 and your donation will help to cover the cost of fish, medication and other essentials. You’ll also receive a certificate of adoption and a thank you gift.

African penguins | © Paul Mannix/Flickr

South African Guide Book

A guide book is the perfect gift for anyone visiting South Africa for the first or fifth time. At $7.99, Alex Pitt’s South Africa Travel Guide is a great buy, offering useful information on where, when and how to go, how to get around, where to stay and what to eat and drink.

African Arts & Crafts

Add a touch of Africa to your living room with a wire and bead ‘trophy head’ or be reminded of South Africa every time you look at your beaded keyring. There are a plethora of local craftsmen and shops who sell a wide variety of colorful bead and wire art costing anywhere from $3.50 to $349.

Bead and Wire art | © South African Tourism/Flickr

Local liquor

Depending on your country’s customs restrictions, Amarula is a unique and tasty souvenir to pick up in South Africa for just under $10. The sweet and creamy liqueur is made from the exotic fruit of the indigenous Marula tree, and is best enjoyed on the rocks or drizzled over ice cream.

Book A Weekend Away

Surprise your friend or relative with a weekend away in the idyllic Cape Winelands. They’ll get to enjoy the fresh country air amid picturesque vineyards and mountains, while sampling the Cape’s award-winning wines and sumptuous cuisine. A weekend away in the Winelands starts at $71.

The Cape Winelands | © Chris Eason/Flickr

Buy A Dress from Lalesso

For an effortlessly-stylish African look, buy a dress, kaftan or swimsuit from luxury fashion brand, Lalesso. The eco-conscious, ethically sustainable label was founded by South African designers, Alice Heusser and Olivia Kennaway, who take inspiration from the vibrant East African khanga cloth worn by Swahili women on the Kenyan coast. The brand’s vibrant, print-rich designs incorporate the creative talent of Kenyan artisans who are given valuable skills training and a fair wage by the company. Items start at $110.

Vibrantly colored khangas | © Güldem Üstün/Flickr

Buy A Necklace from Pichulik

A Pichulik necklace is a must-have if you love South Africa and fashion. Founded by Cape Town jewelry designer, Katherine-Mary Pichulik, the brand features a bold range of handcrafted jewelry using locally manufactured rope and interesting materials, and is inspired by African and Middle Eastern ornamentation. Pichulik accessories range from $26.50 to $237.

Africa Pendant

Carry Africa close to your heart wherever you are in the world with a sterling silver pendant and chain from Camden #aplacetoshop. These beautifully handcrafted charms are trendy and make a delightful birthday or Christmas gift for $28.60.

Beer Mug

South Africans are as obsessed with beer as they are with rugby, so putting the two together is a winning combination! Get this SA Rugby branded beer mug for $4.30 and enjoy your favorite brew wherever you are.

Castle Lager | © Warren Rohner/Flickr

Coffee Mug

Have your morning cuppa in this stylish coffee mug featuring a Protea (South Africa’s national flower) from Sugar & Vice, a Cape Town homeware brand. The $14 mug is one of several from the Protea Collection ceramic range, which has an old-school enamel look and features charming illustrations by the brand’s owner and designer, Natalie Vice.

Leather Messenger Bag

South Africa is renowned for producing high quality, handcrafted leather goods. Both practical and stylish, a leather messenger bag ($68) is a great accessory for storing your essentials when you’re on the go.

Leather messenger bag | © Fredrik Ohlin/Flickr

Mohair Blanket

South Africa accounts for more than 50% of the global production of mohair, which is regarded as the finest and best quality in the world. Derived from the shaggy-haired Angora goat, mohair is breathable and keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer. Snuggle up with a stylish mohair blanket which comes in a range of colors and ranges from $46 to $158 depending on size.

South African Music

From marabi to kwaito, South Africa has produced numerous musical genres over the decades. Arguably one of SA’s greatest exports, Ladysmith Black Mambazo, is renowned for their Zulu harmonic style of singing known as mbube. If you love South Africa, then a LBM album is a definite must-have in your music collection. Their Greatest Hits album retails for $5 on iTunes.

Ladysmith Black Mambazo performing in the UK | © Bryan Ledgard/Flickr


Veldskoen, or ‘vellies’, are walking shoes made from vegetable-tanned leather or soft rawhide uppers attached to a leather footbed without tacks or nails. They were first made by Dutch settlers in the 17th century and became an important part of dress among Afrikaner farmers due to their lightness and durability. Today they come in a range of colors and styles, and can be worn as a casual or formal shoe. Vellies range between $42 to $70 for a pair.