10 Top Vegetarian Restaurants in Port Elizabeth

Salad roll | © cyclonebill/Flickr
Salad roll | © cyclonebill/Flickr
As more and more people adhere to healthy lifestyles and choose fresh, wholesome ingredients whenever possible, many restaurants in Port Elizabeth have stepped up to the plate. Although hard-pressed to find many places in the Bay solely dedicated to a vegetarian palette, there are plenty that cater generously to veggie lovers and those that seek organic, homemade and tasty food.

Tilting Heads Taco Cafe & Margarita Bar

Restaurant, Mexican, Fusion, Vegetarian, $$$
Frozen margaritas
Frozen margaritas | © Antti Kultanen/Flickr
This small, Mexican restaurant is a relative newcomer to the Port Elizabeth eating scene, but packs a punch when it comes to dishing up good old tacos with a twist. Specialising in Mexican street food, there is a wide variety of vegetarian options on the menu and only the freshest and organic veggies are used whenever possible. Be tempted by jalapeno poppers, nachos, ensaladas and a host of side dishes all washed down with a frozen margarita that is served on tap.
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Fushin Sushi and Eastern Cuisine

Prepare for a culinary trip into the depths of the East at Fushin Sushi and Eastern Cuisine. Although most highly rated for the fabulous sushi dishes, Fushin also has many vegetarian options on its menu, ranging from the likes of miso soup, AgeDashi tofu and cold-pressed spinach rolls, to name but a few. The seasonal menu changes from time to time and the dishes look as good as they taste, with delicate artistic presentations that are nothing short of impressive. The service is fast and the atmosphere completely relaxed.

Fushin Sushi and Eastern Cuisine,

Muse Restaurant

Restaurant, European, Contemporary, Fusion, $$$
Creativity is at the forefront of Muse Restaurant with a vision of changing the way that customers see food through inventive plating techniques using freshly prepared ingredients. Stocks and sauces and even yoghurt, salts and cheese are all made in-house and the menu changes seasonally. Vegetarians, vegans and even those on Banting diets (low carb, high fat) are catered for with food that is presented and prepared in a way that you have never seen or tasted before.
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Mellas Dim-Sum & Noodle Bar

Bar, Restaurant, Chinese, Asian, $$$
Dim sum
Dim sum | © Achi Raz/Flickr
Freshness and quality go hand-in-hand at Mellas, a delightful eatery specialising in dim-sum and noodles, as well as authentic Asian cuisine. The dishes are hand-made and freshly prepared on a daily basis and patrons are always guaranteed a tasty meal. A must-try on the menu are the vegetarian pot stickers, while other options to tempt the taste buds include spinach and cream cheese money bags and vegetarian egg noodles. Vegan meals are also available by prior arrangement.
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Two Olives

Restaurant, Mediterranean, $$$
Green olives
Green olives | © frontriver/Flickr
It’s all about the enjoyment of food and sharing with friends at Two Olives, a Mediterranean restaurant located in happening and lively Stanley Street. The mezze platters are among the more popular choices on the menu and cater well for vegetarian tastes. Simple, fresh and seasonal ingredients are used to create the Mediterranean-inspired dishes and the atmosphere is warm and friendly, making for an enjoyable, relaxing meal. Don’t miss out on the suppli – deep fried risotto balls stuffed with mozzarella cheese.
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Royal Delhi Restaurant

Deli, Restaurant, Indian, Vegan, Vegetarian, $$$
Naan bread
Naan bread | © Chris Pople/Flickr
The Royal Delhi is an old-time favourite in Port Elizabeth and its long running success has much to do with the good-quality, authentic Indian food that this eatery dishes up on a weekly basis. It is often considered to be the best place to grab a curry in the Bay, and vegetarians will be pleased to know that the surat curry comprises fresh mixed seasonal veg. Soups, naan bread and a very good selection of tandoori vegetable side-dishes are other awesome veggie options.
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Simply Asia

There are plenty of options to tempt veggie lovers at Simply Asia, where egg noodles mingle happily with green curry, broccoli, bean sprouts and roasted chilli. The food is freshly prepared by native Thai chefs who know their lemongrass from their spring onions and cook up tasty stir-fries, red and green curries and a whole host of noodle dishes in a flash of steam. Try a pasta khi-moa or perhaps a phad-me phuket, filled with fresh flavours and herbs. There are a number of Simply Asia outlets throughout Port Elizabeth.

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Raasoie – the kitchen of India

Restaurant, Indian, $$$
Onion pakoda
Onion pakoda | © Miran Rijavec/Flickr
The aromatic aroma of Indian spices will lead you to Raasoie, where fragrant dishes tantalise the senses and vegetarian options are enormous. The warm and earthy restaurant is housed in an old colonial-style building featuring timber floors and roofing and is tastefully decorated with an understated Indian touch. Delicious curries are served with naan bread, baked on charcoal in a traditional tandoori clay oven, and can be preceded by an array of vegetable starters such as potato and pea samosas and vegetable pakoda, lightly spiced onion covered in a chickpea batter and deep-fried to delicate perfection.
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Made naturally and served happily is the strapline of Kauai that promises to deliver the best seasonal ingredients wherever possible, free of GMOs with no additives, preservatives, artificial colours or flavourings. The eatery is perfect for a healthy breakfast or crunchy lunch wrap with wholesome ingredients such as oats, kale, almonds and chai seeds peppering the menu. Wash the healthy meal down with a chai latte or flu-fighter, consisting of mint tea, cayenne pepper, honey, lemon and ginger.


Chosen First Fruits – Thand’Indalo Kitchen

For something completely different, try Thand’Indalo Kitchen, a vegetarian and vegan takeaway located in Motherwell township. The innovative kitchen aims to make ready-made vegetarian and vegan food accessible while also promoting health and creativity in the kitchen, and believes that food is one of the most entertaining laws of life. Thand’Indalo’s meals are all home-made and fresh and the kitchen also offers cooking demos, classes and sells vegetarian ingredients, such as tofu and kale bone.

Chosen First Fruits -Thand’Indalo Kitchen, 21 Gaba Str, NU2, Motherwell, Port Elizabeth, South Africa, +27 61 885 1984