10 Startups in Nigeria to Watch

A tech workshop. |© Kaizenigy / Wikimedia
A tech workshop. |© Kaizenigy / Wikimedia
Photo of Cynthia Okoroafor
29 June 2017

Nigerian entrepreneurs are increasingly launching startups that create innovative ways to conveniently and profitably tackle everyday social and economic problems. These make up ten of the startups to look out for in Nigeria currently.


Founder: Chioma Ifeanyi-Eze

Small businesses in Nigeria that cannot afford the luxury of expensive bookkeepers can rely on Accountinghub to keep track of their money. This impressive innovation virtually sells professional accountants and bookkeepers to small business owners for amazingly affordable prices. Accountinghub’s virtual employees help entrepreneurs easily navigate records of their projects, spendings, and taxes in order for their small businesses to thrive. Accountinghub is also very committed to encouraging women in entrepreneurship.

Finance calculation / http://maxpixel.freegreatpicture.com/Account-Symbol-Web-Icons-User-Rodentia-Icons-1293744


Founder: Godwin Benson

Learn any skill or subject you’re interested in, regardless of your age, by simply requesting a befitting tutor from Tuteria. This highly recognized and award-winning application has been linking students to experts across various academic and vocational fields and disciplines for about three years now, and the testimonies are great. Tuteria is remarkable because of its system of personalized teaching—a system that is becoming increasingly recommended and sought after by both educational bodies and learners due to its progressive results.


Founder: Chioma Ukonu

RecyclePoints is a social venture dedicated to improving environmental conditions in the country through incentivising individuals to recycle. RecyclePoints collectors go to households to pick up their recyclable materials and reward the post consumers with redeemable points. The points can be exhausted at the organization’s iRecycle store. In 2016, RecyclePoints won a N1 million cash prize and a chance to compete for part of a $1 million global fund to scale up its business at the Lagos edition of Chivas The Venture.

Recycle bins / ProjectManhattan / https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/a/a5/Recycling_bins_at_nex%2C_Singapore.jpg


Founders: Femi Kuti, Ope Olumekan, Matthew Mayaki

With Kangpe, you’re always within reach of basic health care from seasoned medical practitioners. The Kangpe mobile application connects you with doctors who answer all your questions concerning healthcare. The end goal is to provide unwavering healthcare for every African. Since its launch in 2015, Kangpe has spread to four countries, with plans to spread even further. Its initiative has received a fair amount of media attention and benefitted from prestigious fundings and business incubations.


Founders: Damilola Teidi, Sim Shagaya, Bill Paladino

In the past year, GoMyWay’s membership has grown by 150 percent, and it promises to be even more popular amongst passengers in the near future. GoMyWay is a convenient ride-sharing application that allows individuals to cut transportation costs by effectively pairing them with others traveling the same route or in the same direction as them. What’s more, the platform creates the opportunity for co-passengers to become friends and business acquaintances during the course of traveling together. With a growing acceptance, GoMyWay is making carpooling cool, and it’s on its way to becoming a preferred means of mainstream transportation in the country and on the continent.


Founders: Adeyinka Adewale, Pelumi Aboluwarin

Those with limited access to the Internet now have Kudi to help pay bills and transfer money through messaging systems. Transactions with Kudi are only a chatbot away. All you need is the receiver’s number. In addition to allowing you carry out financial transactions with ease, Kudi’s AI also serves as a reminder for when bills are due. Getting started with and using Kudi is equally easy, as operations rely on existing social applications such as Facebook Messenger, with ongoing plans to expand to WhatsApp and Skype.


Founder: Olumide Olusanya

The next step for Gloo.ng is the opening of physical stores across the country to continue providing its customers with quality retail services. Gloo.ng is Nigeria’s biggest online supermarket which helps shoppers save time and energy by delivering affordable groceries, household suppliers, and other similar items from reliable brands to them within an impressive time frame. Gloo’s vision is to become synonymous with modern day shopping in Nigeria, as well as become the biggest online supermarket across Africa.

Shop online / http://www.publicdomainpictures.net/view-image.php?image=164040&picture=online-shop


Founders: Shola Akinlade, Ezra Olubi

“Building a business is hard. Payments should not be,” are the first lines that greet visitors to the Paystack website. It turns out the majority of individuals and businesspeople—whether on the paying or receiving end—who use Paystack would agree. The online payment solution’s image continues to increase and improve with each simple and secure transaction. In a digital age where practically every kind of interaction happens online, Paystack’s mission is to ensure that Nigeria is not left behind in terms of fintech.


Founder: Olayinka Oluwakuse

BuyChat’s passion? To include and preserve the traditional market system in the ongoing global digital revolution through e-commerce. BuyChat is an offshoot of the Balogunmarket.ng application, where buyers could easily connect to traders from the famous Balogun (Eko/Idumota) Market in Lagos. With the advent of e-commerce, online stores began to emerge left, right, and center, and both customers and traders enjoyed stress-free transactions. However, local traders were left out of this development. With this application, consumers enjoy the precious benefits of activities associated with the market scene such as haggling, only from the comfort of their homes or offices.


Founder: Lola Adefope

TrekBuyFly is built to cater to the specific travel and social needs of the Nigerian and African traveler. The application is geared towards reducing the challenges of planning a trip for customers, whilst ensuring that they have the most optimal experience with each trip. This is achieved by informing travelers about the coolest spots to hang out or visit at their destinations, and perhaps the people they can carry out these activities with. Promoting the local and international tourism for its customers is also at the heart of what is now Africa’s first social travel application.

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