Where To Go in Mauritius For Panoramic Views

Sunset|© Ludovic Lubeigt/FlickR
Sunset|© Ludovic Lubeigt/FlickR
Photo of Rusheel Sakaram
24 March 2017

It’s never a matter of size. And it’s best enjoyed being on top! Despite its wee surface area (2040km2), Mauritius is endowed with one hell of a topography. Awe-inspiring views of this volcanic piece of rock will undoubtedly send chills down your spine. Simply keep your faintheartedness at bay as we offer you a bird’s eye perspective of paradise.

Trou aux Cerfs

A dormant volcano, 605 metres in elevation, Trou aux Cerfs’ rim provides the perfect location to a picturesque spectacle. Show up at dawn, preferably during summer time, and enjoy the sunrays painting a magnificent panorama over the Port Louis/Moka Range Mountain. The best way to immortalise it would be a time-lapse video!

View from Trou aux Cerfs | © yannick974/FlickR

Citadel of Port Louis

A legacy of the Spaniards, dating back to the 16th century, this fort is considered one of the best spots to see the capital city in all its might. The harbour is visible behind the skyscrapers, many of them reflecting the intense blue of the sky. At night, a star-studded sky will complement the breathtaking view of the harbour.

Citadel of Port Louis | © hessbeck / Shutterstock

Tamarin Bay

It’s time to lose some altitude and take the sea on the West coast. In the dolphin-thriving waters of Tamarin Bay, simply cut the engines and admire the beauty of the longest mountain chain on the island, sprawling in front of your eyes. The highest peak on the territory won’t go unnoticed, culminating at 828 metres on Piton de la Petite Rivière Noire.

Rocky and sandy shore in Tamarin Bay, Wolmar, Flic en Flac, Mauritius Island, Indian Ocean | © Ppictures / Flickr

Bois Chéri Estate

A lush green hill with tea plantation on its slopes, Bois Chéri is the ideal place to enjoy a panoramic view on the southern part of the island. The picturesque view extends to the southern-most tip of the island. In the inner-country, a lake with swans will most definitely heighten your spirits.

Bois Chéri lake | © Maman Voyage/FlickR


On the winding road leading to the village of Chamarel, simply park your vehicle on one of the lay-bys and notice your breath go shallow as the abyss unfolds under your feet. Offering nuances of blue and green, the view is inhabited by the Le Morne peak and the sapphire lagoon.

The West Coast | © Ludovic Lubeigt/FlickR

Gris Gris

In the south of the island, a more than breathtaking spectacle unravels itself on the cliffs of Gris Gris. Deprived of coral reefs, waves come shatter on the rocks, releasing a constant cloud of salty water particles suspended over the place. Mother Nature is so inclement here that many of the rocks have holes dug into them, testimony of the strength of those deadly waves.

Gris Gris cliffs | © Simisa/WikiCommons

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