10 Top Hotels in Cameroon

Fini Hotel is a popular destination for leisure and business
Fini Hotel is a popular destination for leisure and business | © Fini Hotel
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Writer3 July 2018

The best hotels in Cameroon are trying hard to keep you entertained during your stay. Out-of-town resorts have embraced this trend and are incorporating new services that attract the leisure-loving traveller. From the resort that lets you ride horses to the nightclub that gives you a view of the sea, let’s explore the top 10 hotels in Cameroon.

Saddle Hill Ranch Bafut

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Saddle Hill Ranch, Bafut
Saddle Hill Ranch, Bafut | © Whimsy Baba

Few places advertise as many services as this idyllic resort in the village of Bafut in the Northwest Region of Cameroon. The resort offers a beautiful view of the surrounding forest with a range of services that is hard to find in one place. Rooms range from standard and executive to a governor’s mansion that promises great comfort. Visitors can dine out on the expansive terrace, ride horses and bikes, swim in the pool or take part in one of the many activities that are organised for both adults and kids. Saddle Hill Ranch plans tours to several attractions in the Northwest. Its reputation as a conference centre is also growing.

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Hotel Zingana Bafoussam

Budget Hotel, Independent Hotel
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Hotel Zingana
Hotel Zingana brings together tradition and urban life | © Hotel Zingana

The hotel was built to be an attraction, with a design that draws from the cultural heritage of the Bamilike people of the Western Region. The trademark embroidery of the region adorns the building and is used in every room. The roof is a great place to relax and get a good view of Bafoussam.

Mountain Hotel Buea

Independent Hotel
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Mountain Hotel Buea
Mountain Hotel provides a good base for viewing the highest peak in Sub-Saharan western and central Africa | © Africa Travel Association / Flickr

The serene and relaxed Mountain Hotel is a great place to stay if you’re in the Southwest Region for a long time. The neat rooms come with a great view of Mount Fako, which is the highest point in Sub-Saharan western and central Africa. Services include a gym, Jacuzzi, a well-equipped conference room with a capacity of 300, a restaurant and a nightclub.

Chariot Hotel Buea

Independent Hotel
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Few hotels in the country can claim to have the cultural clout Chariot has. Its nightclub is one of the most popular in the region, but it’s also a legitimate hotel in its own right. In addition to its good rooms, its vast yard is a famous playground hosting various events in the university town of Buea.

Hilton Hotel Yaoundé

Chain Hotel, Hotel
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Hilton Hotel Yaoundé
The Hilton stands out in Cameroon's capital Yaoundé | © Fawaz.tairou / WikiCommons

Hilton needs no introduction. On the capital’s famous boulevard, the imposing structure houses the most luxurious apartments in Cameroon.

Mont Fébé Hotel Yaoundé

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Hotel Mont Febe Yaoundé
Mont Febe has consistently been among the best hotels in Cameroon | © Minette Lontsie / WikiCommons

One of Cameroon’s most famous landmarks sits atop a hill with a great view of Yaoundé. Apart from its good rooms, it’s the ideal place for the outdoor-loving client. There is a pool with a lifeguard, a tennis court, a golf course and space to run. Most foreign embassies are close by, as is the Benedictine Museum. Buffets and live music draw families in at the weekends.

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  • Fini Hotel, Limbe

    Independent Hotel
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    Fini Hotel Limbe
    One of the rooms that offer a view of the sea at Fini Hotel | © Fini Hotel

    Life by the Atlantic Ocean is best enjoyed at Fini Hotel in Limbe. The hotel provides the widest range of rooms available. Accommodation includes standard rooms, luxury rooms and suites that are neatly kept, some with views of the sea. Calypso Nightclub draws some of the country’s most popular acts, and even in the midst of the dancing the sea is very much visible.

    Hotel Akwa Palace Douala

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    The Hotel Akwa Palace Douala takes great pride in its cuisine, and the well-equipped modern rooms at the centre of the commercial district will seduce you. It’s the perfect place to stay if you want your business with comfort, entertainment and music.

    Gites de Kribi

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    Appart'Hotel Les Gites de Kribi - Restaurant " Le Plaisir du Goût" | Appart'Hotel Les Gites de Kribi - Restaurant " Le Plaisir du Goût"

    Gites de Kribi offers good apartments for relaxing by the sea with family and friends. The food is great and the staff are friendly. There’s even a tree house for those who like to be close to nature.