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Kristel, Algeria |© Kader LAGRAA/Flickr
Kristel, Algeria |© Kader LAGRAA/Flickr

The 10 Most Beautiful Towns In Algeria

Picture of Rebecca Wilkinson
Updated: 5 December 2016



A city with superb architecture and a welcome and refreshing proximity to both fresh water and fertile farmland, Annaba is definitely one of Algeria’s most beautiful cities. Beauty aside, Annaba is an extremely important city, with its port handling the majority of the country’s mineral exports. It’s the history and culture of Annaba that give it its a charm; it was the city in which St Augustine lived out his final years, and the area now has a reputation for being a tranquil haven, much aided by its idyllic sea views and white tropical sand. Thankfully, this peaceful city avoided much of the violence of the 1990s, and thus, the elegant colonial-period center remains intact, complementing the beauty of the coastline.

L'entrée de Sidi Boumediene