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10 Great Restaurants in Lapa: Rio's Hippest Neighbourhood

We discover the best places to dine in the down-town, party hub of Lapa, Rio de Janeiro.

Art in Rio de Janeiro: The 10 Best Contemporary Art Galleries & Spaces

We update our guide to the best places in dynamic Rio de Janeiro to see stunning art by innovative contemporary artists.

Rio de Janeiro's Top 10 Restaurants: From Gourmet to Local

We update our guide to the best places to dine in Rio de Janeiro, the beating heart of Brazil.

Sergio Rodrigues: The Icon of Brazilian Furniture Design

We discover more about Sergio Rodrigues, the innovative icon of Brazilian design who brought the intricacies of nature into households worldwide.

Art Lover's Guide to São Paulo: Top 10 Galleries & Art Spaces

Sao Paulo is a paradise for art lovers. From graffiti-filled streets to museums that rival the Tate Modern in London, these are the top 10 contemporary galleries.

Campana Brothers: Brazil's Most Famous Design Team

We discover more about the meteoric rise to fame of Brazil’s most famous designing duo.

Jorge Selarón: Creating the World’s Most Amazing Staircase in Rio de Janeiro

Read about the artist behind Rio de Janeiro’s Escadaria Selarón – Jorge Selarón, whodedicated his life to creating the world’s most stunning staircase.

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The 10 Best Brazilian Writers: A Literature of Diversity

Read our guide to Brazilian literature and find out who’s who on the scene, from the best-selling novelists to the groundbreaking poets.

Porto Alegre's 10 Best Restaurants: Churrascarias & More

We update our guide to the best restaurants in Porto Alegre, the cultural seaside hub in the heart of Brazil.

Brazil’s Caruaru: The Capital City of Forró Music

Discover how the small town of Caruaru’s became the birthplace birthplace of forró, one of Brazil’s most important musical genres.

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Brazil Art + Artists

Brazil's Top 10 Photographers You Should Know

Take a look at ten photographers capturing 20th century Brazil during economic boom, drug violence, rainforest destruction and the people's unending resilience.

Salvador’s Top Contemporary Art Galleries and Museums

Join us on a tour of Salvador de Bahia's best contemporary art galleries and museums showcasing the best of Brazilian and Latin American art.

The 10 Best Contemporary Artists from Brazil and Where to Find Them

Read about the most exciting Brazilian artists and their role in the global contemporary art scene, and see which galleries in Brazil host their works.

Brazil Food + Restaurants

Eating Out in Brasilia: 10 Local Restaurants You Should Try

Brazil's capital is buzzing with exciting places to eat, and we've collected ten great restaurants to help you dine out in Brasilia.

Rio de Janeiro's Top 10 Local Churrascarias You Should Try

Explore Brazilian culture beyond the World Cup, with our guide to the best all-you-can-eat meat treats in Rio.

Sao Paulo's Top 10 Churrascarias You Will Love

Churrascarias barbecue restaurants are a Brazilian staple, and we've found the top ten in Sao Paulo, catering to all budgets and tastes.

Brazil Design + Architecture

    The Spirit of Contemporary Brazilian Design: Combining Art and Function

    Read about the styles, techniques and ideas behind Brazilian design in our guide to Brazil's ten best contemporary designers and studios.

    Brazil Profile

    Brazil Flag

    This ex-Portuguese colony is the 5th largest country in the world and the only American country with Portuguese as its official language. Almost half of the country is covered by the immense Amazon rainforest which is under constant threat of exploitation. This has become an international issue due to the rainforest’s function as a regulator of the climate and the thousands of species of animals and plants which live within the rainforest. In spite of having one of the most powerful economies in Latin America and being one of the emergent global economies, Brazil is still characterized by its economic inequality and the wide gap between the rich and the poor.

    Brazil is currently for the first time in its history ruled by a woman, Dilma Rousseff, who fought with the underground resistance during the military dictatorship in 1964 and who was captured and jailed for three years, but who was also the favoured successor of ex-president Lula, one of the most admired figures in Latin American politics. He started social programs like Bolsa Familia and Fome Zero, to eradicate hunger and to help improve the harsh social conditions of cities like Rio de Janeiro or Sao Paulo where a third of the population lives in favelas, or slums. This reality is portrayed in the film City of God directed by Fernando Meirelles. Anselmo Duarte’s The Prayer of Promises, which won an Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film, also offers a glimpse of poverty in Brazil and how it relates to religion.

    Regarding its literature, Brazil has given us many important writers such as Clarice Lispector, who belonged to the ‘Generation of ‘45’ group of Brazilian modernists; her most famous novels are The Passion According to G.H. and The Hour of the Star. Nélida Piñón is also a widely recognized Brazilian writer who won the Spanish ‘Príncipe de Asturias’ Prize for her work which is based ‘in reality, memory and also fantasy and dreams’. Her most famous novel is The Republic of Dreams, a book about her grandparent’s immigration from Spain to Brazil. But Paulo Coelho is by far the most successful Brazilian novelist. He is the bestselling Portuguese author of all time, and has sold more than 100 million books in over 150 countries worldwide; his works have also been translated into 71 languages. The Alchemist, Veronica Decides to Die or Brida are all examples of his work, which mixes reality, spirituality and magic.