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Puerto Rico's 10 Best Cultural Restaurants for Local Flavour

We explore the top ten restaurants in bustling Puerto Rico, from elegant bistrorestaurants to cocktails under the sun.

10 Must-See Art Exhibitions in the Caribbean in Summer 2014

Find out what to see in the Caribbean this summer, with our guide to 10 exhibitions spanning art from Jamaica to the Bahamas.

Puerto Rico's Top 10 Restaurants: Fine Dining and Local Eats

Sip an artisan coffee or experiment with the Caribbean’s finest flavours, with our guide to the 10 best restaurants in Puerto Rico’s San Juan.

The Top Ten Best Art Galleries in the Caribbean

The Caribbean’s diverse art reflects the mix of European immigrants that have inhabited the region, blending their respective traditions with those of the Caribbean isles. Here we take a look at ten of the region’s best art galleries.

Calle 13: Latinoamérica

Puerto Rican duo Calle 13 tells the story of Latin America. Their lyrics plumb the richness of Latin American arts and culture, history and society, while also offering a strong critique of government.

Puerto Rico Galleries and Museums

Gallery | Pamil Fine Art

Dedicated to the promotion of Puerto Rican Latin American arts, Pamil Fine Art puts on a range of exhibitions by local and international artists. Their shows feature abstract and figurative paintings, sculpture and multi-media work.

Gallery | OBRA Galería Alegría

Opened in 2000 in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico, OBRA Galería Alegría is dedicated to exhibiting paintings and sculpture from great Puerto Rican artists, as well as a selection of international artists who have been inspired by the island.

Museum | Puerto Rico Museum of Contemporary Art

The Puerto Rico Museum of Contemporary Art, often abbreviated to MCA, was founded 1984 as a non-profit organization. The museum puts on a range of exhibitions throughout the year as well as offering an insightful programme of educational events.

Museum | Museo de Las Americas

Housed in a former Spanish fort, this museum features a unique collection of Latin American folk art and everyday artefacts from the pre-European period, including masks, instruments, clothes, various household tools as well as Voodoo instruments.

Museum | Museo de Arte de Ponce

Recognized worldwide as an important centre of European art in Latin America, Museo de Arte de Ponce specialises in acquiring classical European masterpieces and displaying them for a Latin American audience.

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Puerto Rico Tours

Puerto Rico Cultural Heritage Tours

An insightful look at the culture and traditions of Puerto Rico, this tour offers participants an array of authentic Puerto Rican experiences including Afro-Caribbean dancing courses and a chance to master traditional instruments such as panderos and guiro.

San Juan Food Tours

Exploring the culture and society of San Juan through its cuisine, this tour takes visitors to the best local restaurants, markets and bars and introduces them to local dishes, rum and coffee. The tour offers an insider’s perspective on the city, away from the tourist traps.

Puerto Rico Hotels

Hotel El Convento

Located in the heart of Old San Juan this boutique hotel is beautifully located in a former Carmelite convent and both the hotel and surrounding area are suffused with historical and cultural artefacts.

Casa Grande Mountain Retreat

Casa Grande Mountain Retreat is located on a former coffee plantation which has been converted into a luxury hotel. The unique location offers visitors a peaceful experience away from the bustle of San Juan.

The Gallery Inn

A boutique hotel high above the Old City of San Juan, The Gallery Inn boasts incredible views of the city. The hotel also features a range of cultural and social activities as well as bars and restaurants, including a wine deck purported to be the highest point of San Juan.

Puerto Rico Restaurants


Barrachina claims to be the birthplace of the original Pina Colada, which was first made on the premises in 1963 by Ramon Portas Mingot. The historical setting and colonial architecture combine with the high class cuisine to make this an essential part of San Juan.

Inarú Restaurant

A popular restaurant in San Juan, Inarú features delicious artisan sangrias, made with local fruits and wine as well as a range of local dishes which show off the cuisine of Puerto Rico including Fricase de Cabrito and Filete de Salmon Marinado en cilantrillo y albahaca fresca.

Casa Lola

Located in trendy Condado, Casa Lola offers a modern and refreshing take on traditional Creole cuisine. Chef Roberto Treviño creates unique fusion food using the flavours and ingredients of Puerto Rico and the surrounding Caribbean islands.