The 10 Best Restaurants In Rosario, Argentina

Bethany Currie

The city of Rosario, just a few hours north of Buenos Aires, is perfect for travelers looking for culture and a bustling city atmosphere without the overwhelming size and expanse of Argentina’s capital. Rosario is becoming a firm favorite among backpackers, due to its high student and young adult population, attracting artists, musicians and those flocking to the birthplace of Che Guevara. Here are 10 of the city’s best restaurants.

1. Davis

Bar, Restaurant, Beer

MACRO and Davis Restaurant
Ⓒ Maximiliano Kolus/Flickr
Davis is conveniently located right by the Museum of Contemporary Art (MACRO) and sits on the edge of the river Paraná. The restaurant is split in two; outside on the patio area there is a bar serving drinks, sandwiches and other bar snacks, while inside is the main restaurant, which serves fantastic fish dishes. For those who aren’t fans of fish, there are also the options of meat dishes, pasta or salads. Davis offers a good range of beers, plus cocktails and spirits, making it very easy for diners to pass away the afternoon on the patio looking out over the river.

2. Rock & Feller’s

Restaurant, Italian, Mexican, American

Rosario’s National Flag Monument at night
Ⓒ Uturungu/Wikicommons
This rock-themed restaurant is Rosario’s very own Hard Rock Café. While the food is mostly American, it is popular with locals of all ages, but especially the huge student population, which provides a buzzing atmosphere. The portions are large and the menu is pretty extensive, so there should be something for everyone to enjoy – but reserving a table in advance is highly recommended as there is always a queue. Rock & Feller’s is not only a great place for lunch and dinner, but they also offer breakfast and light snacks.

3. Lo Mejor del Centro

Restaurant, Steakhouse

Rosario from the Paraná River
Ⓒ Maximiliano Kolus/Flickr
This steakhouse, serving traditional Argentinian parrilla (barbecue), was originally a restaurant that went broke. However, the government allowed the staff to re-open it as a cooperative in 2007 and it has since become a local favorite. It is well located in the Centro district, as well as being just a few blocks from the river. The prices are excellent, especially given the high quality of the meat served, and there is also an enjoyable wine list and dessert menu. Additionally, for diners who have perhaps had enough of steak during their visit to Argentina, also on offer are paella, salads and pasta.

4. La Marina

Restaurant, Mediterranean

The Paraná river and Victoria bridge, Rosario
Ⓒ Bruno Sebastian Solar/Flickr
La Marina is a delightful Spanish seafood restaurant, with a quaint Spanish themed interior to match its menu. The restaurant was founded more than 40 years ago by two brothers, and it continues to provide the same friendly family atmosphere today. Given its proximity to the river Paraná, the fish is fresh and flavorsome. Bear in mind that there aren’t many options other than fish, except for a traditional Asturian sausage and bean stew. It is hugely popular with both locals and tourists, and doesn’t take bookings so visitors must be prepared to wait for a table.

5. Tako Sushi

Restaurant, Sushi, Japanese

For something completely different, Tako Sushi is a lovely sushi restaurant conveniently located in the Centro district of Rosario. It not only serves sushi, but also soups, stir fries and noodles, many of which are fish-free. The restaurant is run by Japanese-Argentinians, including the chef, which adds to the authenticity of the dishes, and also maintains the delicate presentation expected from sushi. On the side, the restaurant also runs a ‘sushi academy’, which offers monthly courses on the art of Japanese cooking.

6. Savoy Grand Café

Restaurant, Italian, Beer, Coffee

Rosario and the river Paraná
Ⓒ Belgrano/WikiCommons
As expected from anything Savoy, this restaurant is sophisticated and chic. The hotel and restaurant were built in 1910, back when Rosario was a small city struggling to cope with the sudden influx of visitors and migrants, and it soon became central to the city’s growth. Today, the Savoy Grand Café is synonymous with fine dining in the city, with its beautiful Parisian exterior and minimalistic modern interior design. The food is mainly traditional Italian, given the hotel’s, and also the city’s, links to Italy through migration. For those will a little extra cash to spend, lunch or dinner in this historic building is not to be missed.

7. El Viejo Balcon

Restaurant, Argentina, Gluten-free

Steak cooking on the parrilla
Ⓒ _BuBBy_/WikiCommons
Another classic Argentinian parrillarestaurant, El Viejo Balcon is a stand-out joint in an area of the city awash with parrillas. The quality of meat is highly rated, as is the service and atmosphere, and it is always busy due to its popularity. The interior is clean and simple with lovely exposed brick walls, and it is located by the side of the river. If steak doesn’t appeal but you still want a friendly and local atmosphere, pasta, fish and other alternatives are also available.

8. Escauriza Parrilla

Restaurant, Italian, Argentina

The beach in north-eastern Rosario
Ⓒ Pablo D. Flores/WikiCommons
Despite its name, Escauriza is more of a fish restaurant than a steak parrilla. It is found in the northern area of Rosario, a more upmarket beach zone further away from the busy city center. There is plenty of outdoor seating that caters for the large number of diners wishing to sit outside and look upon the sandy beach, which is an unusual feature for a river. The menu boasts an extensive range of fish, but in particular the exotic local Paraná varieties are recommended; surubí (catfish), pacu, boga, and dorado – quite a change from the usual salmon or trout.

9. Restaurante Refinería

Restaurant, Argentina, Vegetarian

The National Flag Monument
Ⓒ sandeepachetan/Flickr
Refinería is, as the name might suggest, located in the Refinería district of Rosario. The district is named such as it was home to the first sugar refinery in Argentina, and consequently there are a number of historic industrial buildings to admire, many currently undergoing renovation. While Restaurante Refinería labels itself as a parrilla restaurant, it is more upmarket than the usual parrilla joint, with its exquisite presentation and sleek interior. There is also an impressive wine list, covering varieties from the ever-popular Cabernet Sauvignon to Torrontés, a more exclusive grape only found in Argentina.

10. La Estancia

Restaurant, Argentina, Steakhouse

A final parrilla restaurant on this list, La Estancia is a great choice as much for its location as its food. It can be found on Avenida Carlos Pellegrini, which becomes a buzzing and lively street during evenings. The service is fast and efficient and the food is tasty, especially the vacíocut. Inside the restaurant, while the tables are laid out with fresh and simple white table cloths, on the walls are pieces of indigenous art and as well as examples of gaucho (cowboy) attire and tools.

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