The Top 7 Things to Do and See in Istanbul’s Tophane

Ayse Huseyin

The Tophane region of Istanbul alone can provide attractions for every sort of traveler no matter what their interests or the sort of holiday they hope to have. From authentic Turkish pampering to roaming the streets of Istanbul in search of modern art, join us for seven essential attractions in Tophane.


Tophane Art Walk

Tophane Art Walk is a comprehensive and expertly guided tour of some of the essential contemporary art galleries, museums, and exhibitions that the Tophane region has to offer. The arts scene of Istanbul is an ever-evolving, social commentary reflecting culture, politics, and an aesthetic unique to Turkey. This is your chance to be a part of this fascinating world. From canvas to the city streets you’ll have industry experts leading you on one of the walk’s pre-chosen routes, where a love of art is your ticket to seeing Istanbul as you never have before.

Fine Arts center, Tophane

Tophane Nargile Cafés

This row of cafés is infamous to the Tophane area for serving potent Turkish coffee, sweet chai and snacks as you enjoy nargile, more commonly known as shisha. Follow the aromatic scent of the flavored smoke and choose from indoor or outdoor seating, where you can recline and allow the evening to softly drift by. The row of cafés offers packages to its visitors including the ‘VIP Package’ for TL50, in which you’ll get one nargile, tea, and some snacks to share with those in your party. This is an authentic taste of Turkish culture.

Nargile café, Istanbul

1. Istanbul Museum of Modern Art

Museum, Shop, Store

The Istanbul Museum of Modern Art, founded in 2004, was Turkey’s first private museum showcasing modern art pieces. This is a comprehensive collection of international art pieces that appeals both to art enthusiasts and has a commitment to educating those who wish to learn more about this vibrant movement. The museum takes great pride in its cultural identity and hosts many educational and social programs for the local community and tourists to enjoy. For a fascinating, cultural, and interactive experience, make the Istanbul Museum of Modern Art an essential stop and be sure to check ahead of time which workshops you can partake in! Istanbul Museum of Modern Art, Meclis-i Mebusan Caddesi Antrepo No.4, Istanbul, Turkey,

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