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Okay. So you’ve arrived this far. You’re clearly curious about our work culture – who we are, what we do and how we go about doing it. Let us give you a bit of insider info.


Who are we? A pretty international group of people, spanning 30+ cities and twice as many passports. Although our backgrounds vary widely, we’re all brought together by a love of travel and a natural sense of curiosity.

What do we do? We believe in the value of building, innovating and engaging. Our community is our biggest asset, and we center our work around it.

How do we do it? Here, everyone sets up their own startup, within our startup. You need to be entrepreneurial if you want to feel at home. Think on your feet, try things out, make mistakes, improve your strategy, and do it all over again.



Our London office is the hub of most of our editorial and social media activity. We’re all totally passionate about culture – but everyone has their specific area of interest. A small, fun and tight-knit team, we’re currently expanding from 20 to about 80 (!) people. We don’t have champagne every day, but special occasions can certainly call for it…

The London OGs

The London OGs



Our Tel Aviv Tech Space is doing some really innovative stuff with things the rest of us admires, but doesn’t (always) fully understand… Nonetheless, we trust them. We suppose there isn’t much choice, right? 😉

Tel Aviv

inbal, Nir, Asaf and Yaron



Soon to come – our NYC office! Can’t wait. Watch this space in summer 2016.


Taken by Ewa in NYC, June ’16



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