Texas, USA

Texas, USA

An Insider Guide to Texas

Texas is a state bigger than most of the countries in Europe; where small-town southern hospitality meets bustling cities and Cowboy country meets sandy beaches. Here’s our guide.

The Main Attractions

We know we’ve already mentioned the size of Texas but we feel it’s important to really drive that point home. This place is big. At 695,662 km², it’s the second largest state in America behind only Alaska, and the second most populous state behind only California - all of which is to say that Texas is absolutely huge, and with a state that big comes a lot of diversity. The biggest cities in Texas are Austin, Houston, Dallas and San Antonio. Austin is the capital of Texas, and also a city considered by many to be the live music capital of the world. It’s quirky, with a vibrant art scene, and an emphasis on “Keeping Austin Weird”, as the bumper stickers say. For a hit of nature, travel a couple of hours to the mystical Enchanted Rock State Natural Area. Dallas may be known for oil, sunshine and infamous assassinations, but it isn't so shabby when it comes to art either. It’s actually home to the country's largest arts district, a full 19 blocks brimming with museums, theatres and life. The BBQ down here is as good as it gets, so grab some good food and go watch the Cowboys for a real Texas experience. In Houston, if there ever was a problem, there isn’t one now. Houston is the largest city in Texas, and though it’s best known for NASA’s Johnson Space Center Houston, the creative side has really bloomed in recent decades. Hey, it produced Beyoncé - so that’s got to count for something. San Antonio is known as the Alamo City, and visiting The Alamo, where the Battle of the Alamo took place in 1836, is certainly one of the main attractions. Though history is a big pull for many, there’s a modern edge to the city too. The River Walk runs 15 miles and is a truly beautiful space - the largest urban ecosystem in America and a green gem in a bustling city. The Guadalupe Mountains and Big Bend National Park are the national parks of Texas, the latter renowned for remarkable stone formations and otherworldly views. This is a special state.

Things to Do

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