What's in Store for the World of Culture in 2018

What's in Store for the World of Culture in 2018

[dropcap]N[/dropcap]ever has a new year been so desperately anticipated as this, except perhaps in 1999 or 12 months ago when we all still thought we might wake from the cold-sweat nightmare of 2016. As it turns out, neither the millennium nor the past year were as cataclysmic as projected; they weren’t phenomenal, that’s for sure, but civilisation survived them (just).


To get our minds off the doom and gloom and onto the good times that lie ahead, our ardently optimistic editors and writers have come together to share what they’re most excited about in 2018. Our forward-looking roundup contains everything from music festival, film and city break recommendations to tips on trending colours and wellness rituals, with a handful of headline-grabbing tech innovators and artists thrown in for good measure.


11 Incredible Musicians You’ll Be Listening to in 2018

UK music editor Ann Lee gives her pick of 2018’s breakout acts, from the star in Finland’s Pop Idol to the New York producer who sings in English and Korean.


Music Festivals in 2018 That You Need to Book Flights for Now

To help fill the Glastonbury-shaped hole in music lovers’ hearts, Ann Lee has assembled a list of the year’s best festivals on four continents.


15 Destinations You Have to Visit in 2018

UK travel editor Alex Jordan’s recommendations range from the serene Italian region of Emilia-Romagna to the rugged peaks of Northern Patagonia.


The Italian City of Turin Is So Hot Right Now

UK art and design editor Freire Barnes makes her case for why you should make Turin your choice for an arty getaway in 2018.


Who the Hell Is Torbjørn Rødland?

In anticipation of this enigmatic Norwegian photographer’s year-long takeover of the Bergen Kunsthall, Freire Barnes goes in search of answers.


Here’s What Everyone Will Be Wearing in 2018

Get ready for faux fur, neon green and glitter, as UK fashion editor India Doyle makes her predictions for what the oh-so stylish will be sporting.


Purple Reigns as Pantone Colour of the Year 2018 – Here’s How to Use It

UK home and design editor Charlotte Luxford advises on the best ways to use Pantone’s latest colour of the year: Ultra Violet.


Forget Hygge, What Is Gezzeligheid?

Netherlands writer Tom Coggins, with the help of four Dutch friends, explains the wellness concept that you’ll be hearing a lot more about in 2018.


We Get Caught Up in the Work of Japanese Artist Chiharu Shiota

Freire Barnes unravels the work of the artist whose large-scale installations are guaranteed social media sensations, ahead of new shows in Kyoto and Yorkshire.


18 Films From Around the World That We Can’t Wait for in 2018

UK film editor Cassam Looch offers up his top picks for cinemagoers, a choice mix of indie flicks and big-budget Hollywood blockbusters.


How the World Will Fight Climate Change in 2018

US tech editor Peter Ward travels, virtually, from Morocco to Australia in his quest to understand how different countries are tackling global warming.


Entrepreneurs Who May Change the World in 2018

Peter Ward brings even more good news from the near-future world of tech with this countdown of rising talent who are intent on changing things for the better.


World Wellness Hotspots to Visit in 2018

US wellness editor Esme Benjamin rounds up the best destinations for a recuperative break in the coming year, including a yurt in Croatia and a hilltop in Bali.


Sleep Vacations Will Be 2018’s Hot Wellness Trend

From pillow menus to snooze lamps, Esme Benjamin explores the latest technological, culinary and ritual developments from the land of nod.


Ways to Rejuvenate Your Space for the New Year

US home and design editor Amber C. Snider offers her insider tips for 2018, from deep cleaning and indoor gardening to the wonders of chanting.


Storylines Surrounding the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia

US sports editor Michael LoRé asks the big questions of next year’s event: will Iceland live up to their Euro 2016 rep? Will American sports fans tune in without their home side?


18 Amazing Reasons to Visit Laos in 2018

Waterfalls, temples, tubing, caves and more: local writer Regina Beach counts down the best reasons for adding Laos to your 2018 travel wishlist.


Emerging Destinations in India You Need to Watch Out For in 2018

Chennai writer Arun Venkatraman gets one step ahead of the guidebooks with this rundown of India’s trendiest hotspots, from Sariska Tiger Reserve in the north to Anaimalai Hills in the south.


This Stunning City Was Voted the Best for 2018, Here’s Why

Spain writer Mark Nayler espouses the many merits of Seville, a city of Moorish masterpieces and late-night flamenco.


Forget Rio, Here Are 15 Reasons Why You Should Go to Salvador’s Carnival Instead

Local writer Harry Stewart finds the samba beats and party spirit are even stronger at Brazil’s second Carnival.

18 Underrated US Cities You Have to Visit in 2018

US writer Deanna Morgado looks beyond New York and San Francisco to discover why Morgantown, West Virginia, belongs on your bucket list after all.