Spring: Rebirth and Revolution

Spring: Rebirth and Revolution

To celebrate spring’s arrival, Culture Trip explores themes of revolution, rebirth and renewal with a diverse collection of stories. Discover offbeat Easter ceremonies, seasonal foods, ancient spring myths, cities reborn and, of course, giant chocolate eggs.




Tradition and Street Art Collide at Valencia’s Las Fallas

How does Las Fallas, Valencia’s spring festival, retain its 300-year-old heritage while embracing new styles of art and growing tourism?


Blossoms, Transience and Office Politics: Hanami Season in Japan

Hanami season isn’t only about cherry blossoms and idyllic strolls in public parks. Three Tokyo locals tell Culture Trip what it means to them.


How the French Revolution Changed Paris

Learn how the Paris you know and love emerged from the rubble left behind by the French Revolution.


The Enduring Legacy of Spring Break Through the Lens of Photographer Keith McManus

Culture Trip talks to Keith McManus about his arresting photos of spring break at Daytona Beach, Florida, in the 1980s and ’90s.


Health, Happiness and Good Harvests: The Springtime Food of China

In China, springtime brings a wealth of delicacies and healthy foods. These are the best seasonal dishes from the north and south of the country.

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Italy’s Extravagant Easter Eggs

Watch an Italian pastry chef create a huge, elaborately decorated chocolate egg from scratch in this behind-the-scenes video.


Rebirth and Resurrection: Spring Myths of the Ancient World

Why is spring associated with rebirth and renewal? Read this overview of ancient spring myths and Easter traditions to find out.


Cleaning and Renewal Rituals From Around the World

Need some inspiration for your spring cleaning? Culture Trip has you covered.


Rising From the Ashes: How Cities Are Reborn After Disaster Strikes

New York, Timbuktu and Christchurch have all rebuilt their identities in the aftermath of disaster.