Earth Day: Sustainable Cities

Earth Day: Sustainable Cities

Currently, over half the world’s population lives in cities. If current patterns continue, by 2030 it will be closer to two-thirds. As cities continue to grow, we are faced with ever more pressing questions surrounding sustainability, quality of life and the environmental impact of expanding conurbations. To coincide with Earth Day, Culture Trip explores the theme of sustainable cities through the lens of architecture, food, waste and green spaces.




New York City Is Going Back to Its Rural Roots

These New Yorkers are attempting to return to the city’s pastoral roots with their custom-made urban farms.


The Rise of China’s Eco-Cities

Read about China’s eco-cities, part of an ambitious project by the world’s most populous country to pivot away from polluting industries and toward a greener future.

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Thomasina Miers: The Art of Cooking Sustainably

Thomasina Miers, co-founder of Wahaca, tells Culture Trip how she runs a sustainable restaurant chain.

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The Futures Green for Copenhagen

Copenhagen is embarking on some of the world’s most ambitious architecture projects in a bid to become the first carbon-neutral capital by 2025.


Parisian Parks Are a Pleasure Ground of Evolving Ideas About Human Nature

From geometric formal gardens to striking green walls and rooftop farms, Paris’s relationship with its green spaces has been a constant evolution towards sustainability.


How Paddleboarding Can Clean Up London’s Waterways and Beyond

Adventurer and environmentalist Lizzie Carr is campaigning to rid the oceans and inland waterways of their plastic pollution.


This Breathtaking Tree Tower Is the Changing Face of Torontos Cityscape

Inspired by Montreal’s visionary Habitat 67, this incredible proposal for an 18-story timber tower block in Toronto by Penda is the future of high-rise construction.


Chef Thomasina Miers’s Sustainable London

Chef Thomasina Miers talks to Culture Trip about her best tips for sustainable living in London.