Diverse Perspectives From Around the World

Diverse Perspectives From Around the World

We may all come from different backgrounds and life experiences, yet the things we value – good food, inspiring art, music and architecture, and new ways to see the world – unite us. We at Culture Trip believe that travel is the ideal way to step outside our cultural boundaries and elevate voices from all cultures, races and genders. To that end, we celebrate the world’s most diverse cities, indigenous cultures and musical melting pots.


This Insta-famous Barbershop Is the Heart of the Black British Community

The 10 Most Multicultural Cities in the World

The 10 Most Multicultural Cities in the World

From London to New York and São Paulo to Singapore, some cities manage to fit the entire world within them

The districts of Fener and Balat are typical, colourful areas of Istanbul

Eating Your Way Through Istanbul Is the Best Way to Appreciate Its Multiculturalism

Explore how the city’s multiculturalism has made its mark on Istanbul’s food

Sampa the Great is a modern-day example of the new Australian

Music, Multiculturalism and Melbourne: in Discussion With Sampa the Great

Local musician Sampa the Great on her home city and how it celebrates its population’s culture and diversity

indigenous cultures in Brazil

Learn About Indigenous Cultures While in Brazil

An estimated 240 tribes live in Brazil. Here’s where and how to discover more about these sacred cultures

Ruhaniyat |© Ajaiberwal/WikiCommons

Ruhaniyat: a Celebration of Mysticism on the Indian Subcontinent

Among the many music festivals taking place in Mumbai, Ruhaniyat, the All India Sufi & Mystic Festival, stands out

© Wenting Li / Culture Trip

Foraging Is Reviving Canada’s Culinary Identity

Discover how chef Justin Cournoyer successfully brought homegrown ingredients to mainstream menus in Toronto

kutch geology - gujarat - india

The Church of Afrikania and the Legacy of Traditional Religion

How a former Catholic priest pioneered the inauguration of the neo-African traditional creed and pan-African campaign Afrikania


What is the Ancient Religion of Shugendo?

Learn about Shugendo, an ancient Japanese ascetic tradition, which translates as ‘the way to spiritual power through discipline and training’

Yellow and white colonial building the historic center of Cartagena, Colombia

Engage in the Local Cultures of Diverse Cartagena

A hotbed of cultures and traditions, this list of hyper-local experiences lets you immerse yourself in Cartagena’s traditional neighborhoods, sights, and flavors.