Culture Trip Special: World Mental Health Day

Culture Trip Special: World Mental Health Day

This World Mental Health Day, Culture Trip brings you a catalogue of stories, commentaries, interviews and videos that explore mental health issues across a breadth of fields, from food and wellness to tech and sport. Among them, we speak to award-winning author Matt Haig about his experience with depression and how sharing his story helped him on the road to recovery. We investigate how hysteria still influences women’s medical treatment today and we look into the scarcity of support in the testosterone-charged world of professional football. We meet elderly birdkeepers tackling loneliness in Singapore, attend a London supper club for people experiencing disordered eating, and learn how virtual reality is revolutionising mental health treatments.



It’s estimated that one in four people will be affected by mental or neurological disorders at some point in their lifetime. The scope of stories shared here highlights the universality of these experiences and the groundbreaking work being done to destigmatise them across the world.


“In my experience, mental health challenges make you more empathetic and creative, more resourceful,” says Culture Trip CEO and Founder, and former academic psychiatrist, Kris Naudts. “Mental health challenges are a strength. Talk about it.”




Is Football Still Losing When It Comes to Mental Health?

There’s a conspicuous lack of mental health support for professional football players. Culture Trip asks what can be done to change this.


The Best Free Mental Health Apps for Anxiety, Stress and Depression

Mental health apps have made therapeutic techniques more accessible than ever – these are the best of the bunch.


Matt Haig On How Sharing Stories Can Tackle Mental Health Issues

Author of the award-winning Reasons to Stay Alive, Matt Haig speaks to Culture Trip about his experience with depression and how writing aided his recovery.


Orthorexia: When Clean Eating Goes Too Far

The clean-eating movement has reached fever pitch; for some, the mission to achieve flawless health can become addictive.


How To Take Care of Your Mental Health While Travelling

Yvette Caster, a travel writer with bipolar disorder, shares the habits she maintains to look after her mental wellbeing while on the road.


Thailand’s Battle To Save Its Kids From Online Gaming Addiction

With Thais spending more time online than any other Asian nation, the country faces the serious challenge of unplugging its youth.


The Last Bird-Singing Clubs of Singapore

In Singapore, birdkeeping is offering a new lease of life for the elderly.


Swipe Left on Negativity: How Social Media Is Hurting Us and What To Do To Stop It

A psychologist and an author offer advice on how we can use social media mindfully.


How Music Minds Matter Is Helping Musicians With Mental Health Problems

One charity is challenging the myth of the tortured artist.


How Virtual Reality Is Revolutionising Mental Health Care

Innovative virtual-reality systems combine immersive digital experiences, role play and mindfulness meditation to treat mental health conditions.


Jordan Stephens: ‘I Masked My Early Depression With Substance Abuse and Chaos’

Culture Trip speaks to Jordan Stephens, one half of hip-hop duo Rizzle Kicks, about fronting a new mental health campaign that challenges the culture of toxic masculinity.


How Countries Take a Break Around the World

Whether it’s a Swedish coffee break or a Japanese desk nap, get your downtime inspiration from these countries across the globe.


Raising Mental Health Awareness Through Films and TV Shows

Culture Trip explores how film and TV can be a force for good when tackling issues around mental health.


When Wombs Wandered: How Hysteria’s History Still Affects Women’s Health

Hysteria was once a common medical diagnosis for women, and it continues to impact how women are treated today.


African Photographers Raising Mental Health Awareness

These African photographers are turning their lenses on trauma, depression, identity and a general misunderstanding of mental health.


The Eating Disorder Supper Club Nourishing Bodies and Minds

Meet the founders of a supper club for people struggling with disordered eating.


How Your Gut Bacteria May Be Controlling Your Brain

Discover the link between your mental health and your digestive system.


A Cold of the Soul: Depression in Japan

Until recently, depression was not recognised as a legitimate condition by many in Japan. Things are changing, but are they changing quickly enough?


‘The Fairy Feller’s Master-Stroke’ at Tate Britain Hides a Dark Secret

Few artworks on public display can speak as eloquently to our changing attitude towards mental illness as this.


Dance Away Your Stress at This NYC Rave

New Yorkers are starting their weekdays with an early-morning, stress-busting dance party.