Culture Trip Magazine: The Celebration Issue

Culture Trip Magazine: The Celebration Issue

It is the end of a decade and, with 2020 looking like a great year ahead, Culture Trip is in the mood to party. In keeping with this, the fifth issue of the Culture Trip magazine is celebration-themed. We discover the extravagant outfits of the Mardi Gras Indians in a New Orleans photo series, head to Downtown LA to raise a toast to the district’s street-food scene, and ring in 2020 with a charming roundup of global New Year traditions. Plus, Culture Trip looks forward to the need-to-know travel trends in the coming year.


Issue 5 of Culture Trip magazine launches on 12 December with distribution at Tube and train stations in London; it will also be made available in airports, hotels, cafés and cultural hubs in London and other major UK cities.


The Five Best Music Destinations For 2020

The sound of the future? Mum-proof gigs, dungeon and desert clubbing, and dulcet tones from the Deep South.


Masking and Marching: The Mardi Gras Indians of New Orleans

For nearly 40 years, J Nash Porter’s photography has documented the exuberant costumes and traditions of the ceremonial tribes.


10 New Year Traditions From Around the World

Culture Trip writers wax lyrical about the local superstitions and celebrations that make the holiday in their cities so special.


The Five Best Wellness Destinations For 2020

Technology and tradition are at the heart of the year’s hottest trends. Here’s how to find your balance in the coming months.

london on the inside

The Insider Guide to London: Designer Rejina Pyo and Chef Jordan Bourke

The creative duo share their favourite neighbourhood hangouts in London, the city they’ve made their home.


A Weekend in Moscow with Curator Catherine Borissoff

The art director, curator and lifelong Moscovite compiles an itinerary for the perfect weekend in Moscow.


Lasting Imprint: The Rebirth of a Radical Bookshop

Discover the history behind the Hauser & Wirth publishing headquarters in Zürich – a hub for intellectual enquiry with as much style as substance.


The Five Best Sustainable Travel Destinations For 2020

Connect with the planet for an adventure with a conscience on one of these exciting eco-friendly trips.


How Street Food Brought Downtown LA to Life

Hollywood insiders and local chefs give the lowdown on where to chow down in the revitalised district.


War and Beats: Habibi Funk Brings To Light a Lost Lebanese LP

A psych-folk record from the ’70s survives war and indifference to find its audience in 2020.


The Five Best Foodie Destinations For 2020

From Rimini to Roses – the hottest happenings in the world of gastronomy will take you around the world next year.