2017 in Review

2017 in Review

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]t was a funny kind of year. Well, not so much funny as angry. Furious. But looking past the politically charged headlines and million-strong marches through the streets, there was plenty to explore, understand and often celebrate in culture and creativity across the globe.  


As a final salute to the year that was, our editors in New York and London round up every noteworthy moment from the worlds of cinema, tech, art, design, sport and travel. While all eyes were on Washington, DC, we had people on the ground in India, the Netherlands, Thailand, Mexico, Japan, Italy, South Africa and beyond, ready to capture what else was making 2017 a year unlike any other.


10 Cultural Moments From Around the World in 2017

Picture editor Amanda Suarez analyses reactions to everything from the inauguration of President Donald Trump to the funeral of King Rama IX of Thailand.


A Year in Travel: The Best of 2017

Travel editors Nikki Vargas and Alex Jordan share their trips of the year, including to a South African big game reserve and a politically charged Paris.


This Is What Happened in India in 2017

Commissioning editor Mariam Gabaji discovers the resilience of acid attack victims and how Ahmedabad became India’s first World Heritage City.


The Best of Technology in 2017

US tech editor Peter Ward provides the inside track on the revamped space race, the fight for gender equality and the virtual reality industry.


Countries Outside the US That Changed Tech in 2017

Peter Ward examines how Swiss scientists are reversing paralysis and how Belgian engineers are turning pollution into power.  


This Is What Happened in the Netherlands in 2017

Commissioning editor Lily Niu recaps the Dutch cultural year, which saw an avocado-only restaurant open in Amsterdam and King Willem-Alexander open up about his double life.


Was 2017 the Worst Year Ever for Cinema?

UK film editor Cassam Looch looks back at a questionable year for cinema, from February’s Oscars gaffe to the dismal showing of various sequels, prequels and reboots.


This Chinese Movie Just Beat Avatar’s Box-Office Record

With an eye to the future, Cassam Looch takes stock of the Chinese film industry in light of Wolf Warriors 2’s massive $768.5 million domestic takings.


This Is What Happened in Thailand in 2017

Commissioning editor Andrew Headspeath reminds us of what made 2017 a remarkable year for Thailand, from snakes in the toilets to a ban on food in the streets.


A Look Back at the Best of Art in 2017

UK art and design editor Freire Barnes recounts a year that included the opening of the Louvre Abu Dhabi and the on-screen immortalisation of Alberto Giacometti.


This Is What Happened in Mexico in 2017

Commissioning editor Charlotte Peet compiles the best stories to come out of Mexico, from the non-binary world of the muxe to a giant toddler peeking over the US border.


These Were the Top Design and Architecture Trends of 2017

UK home and design editor Charlotte Luxford explores the top trends of 2017, including the continued importance of sustainability and the return of PoMo.


This Is What Happened in Japan in 2017

Watch out for humorous tourist signs and a holidaying hedgehog in commissioning editor Siukei Cheung’s collection of the weird and wonderful from 12 months in Japan.


12 Portraits From 12 Months in New York City

Amanda Suarez reflects on the many faces of New York with help from a calendar-full of Culture Trip portrait photography.


This Is What Happened in Italy in 2017

Commissioning editor Grace Beard rounds up a controversial year for Italy, one packed with anti-tourist protests and ultra-expensive artworks.


A Look Back at the Best of Culture Trip Sports in 2017

Sports editors Michael LoRé and Luke Bradshaw pull together their most memorable sporting stories, including Roger Federer’s comeback and the birth of chessboxing.


This Is What Happened in South Africa in 2017

Commissioning editor Tahiera Overmeyer casts an eye back over a momentous year for South Africa that witnessed a record drought and a national reckoning with its very name.