The Best Restaurants In Puerto De La Cruz, Venezuela

Puerto de la Cruz I ©
R nZ Ramón Núñez/Flickr
Puerto de la Cruz I © R nZ Ramón Núñez/Flickr
Puerto La Cruz is one of the most visited coastal towns in Venezuela, a port province characterized by leafy palms and idyllic stretches of sand. Its history as a waterside commercial center has left its mark where the food is concerned here, with sumptuous seafood found in abundance. Add to that a variety of international cuisine options, and you have a top, beautiful spot in which to enjoy a tasty meal in South America. Here’s our guide to the best restaurants in the region.

Bar Restaurant El Moroco

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Seafood and rice
Seafood and rice | © eltpics/Flickr
Set outside the main tourist area within a hive of local activity is the small eatery of Bar Restaurant El Moroco. Dishing up a tasty selection of food from Spain and the Middle East, one of the best meals on offer here is the mariscos y arroz a la marinera, seafood with rice and a tomato-based sauce. Although a little pricier than other food spots in the area, the excellent service and aromatic flavors which hit you as you step into the restaurant make a meal here worth every penny!
Address and Telephone: Bar Restaurant El Moroco, Avenida 5 de Julio, Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela
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La Colmena

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Colorful fruits in Venezuela
Colorful fruits in Venezuela | © Daniel Linares/Flickr
La Colmena is a treasure trove of vegetarian eats in Puerto de la Cruz, a laid-back, casual dining spot featuring rustic wicker seating and polished wooden floors. Come here to try vegetarian omelette and fruit salad as well as many spicy, rice-based dishes. Located on the far end of the Playa Pasea, a meal here offers wondrous views of the beach and allows guests to soak in the peacefulness of this quieter part of the town.
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El Guatacarauzo

Scrumptious seafood delicacies, pulsating salsa beats and affordable prices are all offered by El Guatacarauzo, an establishment encouraging diners to enjoy some fine food before dancing the night away. Listen to the local band whilst dining on some spicy grilled shrimp here, or try your hand at some salsa with an ice-cold cuba libre in hand. Find this joint in the center of the town’s main promenade, a beacon of lights and music attracting locals and tourists in droves night after night.
Address and Telephone: El Guatacarauzo, Puerto De La Cruz, Venezuela

Tio Pepe

A spot which celebrates the rich culinary and cultural traditions of theregion, Tio Pepe serves first-rate Caribbean and South American cuisine to its excited customers. Spicy clams, fried chicken and grilled king prawns are some of the top offerings here, all of which can be followed by some sweet and refreshing sugar cane juice or some fresh coconut milk. A loyal and dedicated group of local followers keep this eatery alive with custom on most nights of the week.
Address and Telephone: Tio Pepe, Paseo de La Cruz y El Mar in Plaza Colón, Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela

A’ Mangiata

Offering a fantastic taste of Italy in the heart of Venezuela, A’Mangiata is the Italian eatery of choice for many visiting this sun-drenched town. Placing a tasty emphasis on seafood, the joint is located in the center of the commercial district here, a vibrant and lively spot brimming with energy. One of the best dishes on offer in the pasta pescatore, a seafood dish comprised of a generous portion of shellfish served with golden linguine; unmissable!
Address and Telephone: A’Mangiata, Calle Libertad, Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela