The Best Restaurants In Mérida, Venezuela

Merida, Venezuela I ©
Alex Lanz/Flickr
Merida, Venezuela I © Alex Lanz/Flickr
The affluent city of Mérida, Venezuela, is an elevated spot high in the picturesque Andes mountain range, a lively town oozing with the energy of university students, and a place offering a variety of affordable restaurants for visitors to enjoy. Using fresh ingredients and authentic recipes, the restaurants here give visitors the chance to taste traditional South American fare as it has been served throughout the ages. Here are five of the best food spots in town.
Merida, Venezuela I © Alex Lanz/Flickr

Vegetariano El Sano Gloton

Restaurant, South American
Affectionately nicknamed “el vegetariano” by the local Mérida residents, Restaurant Vegetariano El Sano Gloton is one of only a few vegan-friendly food joints in town. Enormous portions and healthy plates abound here, and if looking for a light snack, diners should check out the crispy and delicous whole wheat empanadas. Don’t miss the berenjena here, a baked version of the Venezuelan national dish, pabellón. Usually the meal includes shredded beef, but this vegetarian take on the classic uses eggplant instead, creating a flavorsome taste combination with the black beans, riche and plantains.
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La Abadía

Opened in 1999, La Abadía, or The Abbey, is a local institution that never fails to draw the crowds. The place is set within a rustic, converted colonial mansion, and is famous for its religious art and furnishings, with a menu which reflects an element of the sacred. One dish not to miss is the Virgen Maria, a piece of succulent fresh trout in garlic sauce, and if looking for something sweet to follow, try the Temptation Abad brownie served with rich and thick ice cream. Be sure to visit the basement catacomb, and have a look around the enthralling scenery which includes various monastic angels and saints.
Address and Telephone: La Abadía, 17 y 18 Avenida 3 Independencía +58 274 251 0933

Heladeria Coromoto

This treasure trove of ice cream is unmissable when in Mérida, a spot boasting a flavor selection so large that it was included in the Guinness World Records in 1991 and 1996 for the 900 options it offers! Fancy something a little different? Try the polar beer, salmon or black bean varieties, ice cream flavors you are guaranteed not to find anywhere else.

Address and Telephone: Heladería Coromoto, Avenida 3 Independencía, Mérida, Venezuela

La Sazón del Llano

Bakery, South American
La Sazón del Llano is a traditional bakery and Venezuelan cafeteria offering a diverse range of tasty baked goods and typical dishes. A top breakfast spot, don’t miss the four-plate criollo option featuring ham, eggs and freshly squeezed juice, and if seeking something a little more substantial why not try the granjerito, a sumptuous sandwich packed with grilled chicken and colorful veggies.
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Mercado Principal

Operating since August 1987, Mercado Principal is one of the most popular local markets in town, which also serves as a tasty food spot dishing up delicious South American fare. The first floor here houses colorful fruit and vegetable stalls, and the second floor forms a local restaurants where guests can sit down to a dish of locally caught, grilled fish, roast beef or fried plantain. Every food option on offer here is seasonal, and there is an energetic buzz about the place too, giving diners a true taste of lively Venezuelan life as they tuck into a plate of food.
Address and Telephone: Mercado Principal, Avenida Las Américas, Mérida, Venezuela

Merida, Venezuela I © Walter Vargas/Flickr