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Relaxing getaways

The Best Wellness Retreats in Uruguay

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Updated: 23 November 2017
Uruguay has managed to keep its spectacular 660 kilometer coastline, breathtaking countryside, and charming historical architecture a well-kept secret for far too long. This makes it an ideal holiday destination if you’re looking for some peace and quiet, relaxation and rejuvenation, in a remote location away from the masses. Get inspired by this list of the best wellness retreats in Uruguay, and let yourself have the vacation you deserve.

Estancia Vik

Estancia Vik perfectly combines luxury and tradition. It is the only place where you can experience traditional Uruguayan countryside in a splendidly lavish environment surrounded by tasteful interior design, artworks, and exceptional cuisine. You have a choice of filling your time with private polo lessons, historic excursions, horseback riding, whale watching, nature walks, and more. The only downside to this amazing range of activities is that the hotel is so beautiful you won’t want to be away from it!

Hotel Fasano Punta Del Este

Hotel Fasano is one of the most exclusive boutique hotels in Punta del Este. It is quite far removed from the city and its coast making this hotel a destination in itself. The main building’s modern architecture contrasts the surrounding countryside. Your eyes can feast on the incredible views from its outdoor dining area. Each room is an individual building dotted over the seemingly endless grounds where you can walk, swim, cycle, and go horseback riding.

Hotel Art & Spa Las Cumbres

Stay at Las Cumbres to experience its unique location: as its name “the hills” indicates, the hotel is situated on top of the tallest hill in the area allowing for a magnificent view of the forests, city, and sea below. The property is owned by the architect who built it, a well-travelled man who brings back souvenirs from all over the world to decorate the hotel. These form collections of interesting pieces of art, intricate objects, and photographs. The rooms are decorated in an old-fashioned way, which reflects the style of the architect. The food is sublime and so are the spa facilities.

Punta del Este Resort & Spa

Located a mere 400 meters from the beach in trendy La Barra, this is one of Punta del Este’s most coveted luxury accommodations. The hotel boasts amazing facilities, such as a beach bar, a tennis court, two onsite restaurants, two swimming pools, and a first-rate spa. La Barra is ideal for travelers looking for relaxation that is not far from the city, surrounded by nature as well as lively bars, restaurants, and fashion boutiques.

Playa Vik

Playa Vik is famous for its magnificent art collection and exquisite interior design. The building was constructed by Carlos Ott, the renowned Uruguayan architect who designed the Opéra de la Bastille in Paris. Playa Vik boasts widely-acclaimed, traditional Uruguayan dishes with fresh seafood and a location that is a few minutes’ walk from the beach, featuring a stunning view of the surrounding landscape of José Ignacio. This retreat is the perfect destination for a chic beach getaway.

Sofitel Casino Carrasco & Spa

The exceptional architecture of this retreat makes it one of the most iconic buildings in Montevideo. Its construction took nine years and it was finally opened in 1921 as a hotel and casino. Sofitel recently restored this historic building and converted it into the most luxurious hotel in Montevideo, refurnishing its rooms and suites to offer the highest level of comfort. Situated in an idyllic location adjacent to the coastal promenade, guests can enjoy splendid beach views in one of the nicest areas of the city. Visit the award-winning spa and gym facilities, as well as its outdoor or indoor swimming pools. Take chances in the striking casino, relax with a drink and watch live music at the bar.

Charco Hotel

This retreat has a unique location in the center of the historic quarter of Colonia del Sacramento. With a view of the Rio de la Plata river, Charco is a coveted wellness retreat for those who enjoy a little culture alongside their relaxation. You can find delightful restaurants between the quaint architecture and cobbled streets of this UNESCO World Heritage Site. Charco features ‘White Rooms’, elegant and luxurious suites designed to calm the mind and awaken the senses.