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The Best Vineyards to Visit in Uruguay

The Best Vineyards to Visit in Uruguay

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Updated: 17 November 2017

Uruguay’s wine industry isn’t well known, but it still produces some very high-quality vintages and is actually home to some gorgeous vineyards, from the old classics to the newer innovators. The traditional vineyards were founded by immigrants who continued their historic tradition of wine in their new home. The new ones, on the other hand, emphasize that they don’t believe in any traditional secrets or methods, but rather prefer scientific research and technology. Here are the best vineyards to visit.

Bodega Garzón

Bodega Garzón is in a privileged location atop a mountain range, close to Punta del Este and the historic town of Garzón. The vineyard is between fields of olive trees and the countryside. Garzón is definitely worth a visit: it’s a quaint little town that got famous when chef Francis Mallman set up a Michelin-starred restaurant and a boutique hotel here. The town has maintained its appearance and feels as if it’s suspended in time.

Bodega Garzón, Maldonado, Uruguay

Viña Edén

The location of Vina Eden is spectacular, mere minutes from the coastal city of Punta del Este and at an elevation, providing a stunning, unique panoramic view of the hills and coast in the distance. Viña Edén is a modern vineyard that pays special attention to the technology and methodology of winemaking, rather than tradition. The natural setting, architecture, and interior design are all rationally thought out. You can wander around the vineyard or explore on horseback or even a Segway. Visiting this innovative vineyard is an exceptional experience!

Viña Eden, Maldonado, Uruguay


Only 30 minutes away from Montevideo, history, nature, and the art of winemaking converge in this iconic vineyard. Juanicó is one of Uruguay’s most famous vineyards, and it’s here that they make the national wine, Don Pascual, which is the house wine in many restaurants. The wine cellar is ample and beautiful, just like its large vineyard.

Establecimiento Juanico Bodega, Juanico, Canelones, Uruguay

Someone swirling a wine glass with a small quantity of red wine in it

Wine tasting | © jill111 / Pixabay

De Lucca

One of the oldest vineyards in the country, De Lucca was founded in 1945. It’s a boutique vineyard that has been owned by the De Lucca family since it was established. The family claims that their winemaking tradition originated in their homeland of Piamonte, Italy, in the 19th century. All tours are held by family members, who present their land and passionately describe every aspect of their work and vineyard.

Vinos De Lucca, Las Piedras, Canelones, Uruguay

Bodega Artesana

This small vineyard is located only 40 minutes away from Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay. Their wine production may be small, but the wine is of a very high quality. Artesana means “artisan,” and they pride themselves in having a unique style, as well as being young and innovative when it comes to growing their grapes and making their wines.

Bodega Artesana, Las Brujas, Canelones, Uruguay

Bodega Bouza

Bouza is a renowned vineyard in Uruguay, located only 15 minutes away from Montevideo’s main port, but still surrounded by nature and away from the city. This vineyard is very traditional in its architecture, setting, and process. The vintages are widely celebrated, both at the vineyard and all over the country.

Bodega Bouza, Camino La Redencion, Montevideo, Uruguay

Bodega Bouza winery and vineyard, Montevideo, Uruguay

Bodega Bouza | © Jer / Flickr


Stagnari produces red wine from the Tannat variety of Uruguayan grapes. The Tannat from the Stagnari vineyard has won international awards and is prized all around the world. A member of the Stagnari family leads the tour around the vineyard, revealing choice secrets about their special wines. The vineyard is located in La Puebla, a unique place with an interesting history and gorgeous landscapes.

Vinos Finos H. Stagnari, La Paz, Canelones, Uruguay

The sun setting over a vineyard

The sun setting over a vineyard | © alohamalakhov / Pixabay

Alto de la Ballena

This vineyard is in a beautiful location close to Punta Ballena, offering museums, arboretums, and coastal views. The owners of Alto de la Ballena will give you a tour as you taste their wines and explain what makes theirs unique by noting the characteristics of the terrain or winemaking techniques. Afterwards you can end your day by watching the sunset from the mountainous surroundings.

Winery and Vineyards Alto de La Ballena, Maldonado, Uruguay