The Best Vegan and Vegetarian Restaurants in Montevideo

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27 November 2017

Although it is a haven for meat lovers, Uruguay is a diverse country full of people who don’t eat meat. Recently there has been a boom of vegetarian and vegan restaurants opening up in Montevideo, giving more variety for people who are bored with the limited choice of three salads. This list of the best vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Montevideo might even convince you to never eat meat again.

Espacio Samsara Alimento que Sana

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Salad Buffet
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Located in the Old City district of Montevideo, Espacio Samsara is a vegetarian buffet of all things natural and healthy. This is the perfect place for a quick lunch before going back to your sightseeing, but be warned as it’s only open for three hours around midday. Among their soups and juices, there are plenty of vegan options as well.

Mercado Verde

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This juice bar and kitchen in Punta Carretas is a treasure hidden within a health food shop and features many vegan options. Mercado Verde, or Green Market, is a great place to pick up raw, organic ingredients, stop by for a hearty meal, or attend one of their celebrated cooking ‘idea’ workshops. The chef here is imaginative and creates a remarkable variety of dishes that are sure to have your mouth watering the second they appear on the table.

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This tiny vegetarian pitstop is just off Montevideo’s main street, Avenida 18 de Julio and offers remarkable dishes for reasonable prices. There’s guaranteed to be something tasty, whether it’s their sweet potato burritos, the juice of the day, or vegan bolognese. To tempt you even further, they also have an array of delicious vegan desserts!

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La Papa

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La Papa is a highly popular restaurant with many branches throughout the city that serve an incredible range of vegan dishes. Many meals are inspired by Italian cuisine, like their Lentil Lasagne with vegan cheese. This restaurant is a testament to Uruguayan charm—it’s small with very friendly staff, warm colors, and an environment full of natural light. This is a great place for a fresh meal and light conversation.

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Vegan Wraps

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Vegan Wrap
Vegan Wrap | © Pixabay

This lovely little café is found in the outskirts of the popular neighborhood of Pocitos. It is a street café with no pretensions, as observed in its cushioned pallets that serve as outside furniture. Vegan Wraps is best known for its delivery service that trundles all over the city to bring warm and healthy vegan food right to your door.

Namasté Cocina Vegetariana

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Namasté is a restaurant with a bit of an Indian theme that serves veggie twists on classic Uruguayan dishes such as milanesas and chivitos. The fun doesn’t stop there, with ravioli, risotto, curries, and other favorites from around the world. The décor is unique and flooding with good energy from surrounding plants, drapes, and multiple murals of Ganapati, the Buddha, and hindu mantras covering the walls.

Bosque Bambú

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Bosque Bambú, Montevideo
Bosque Bambú, Montevideo | Courtesy of Bosque Bambú

Bosque Bambú, or Bamboo Forest, is an Asian buffet restaurant that serves an amazing all-you-can-eat from 11.30am to 3pm. Located near the university, all the options are on display in front of your eyes, from eggplant or zucchini milanesas, to all different kinds of stir frys. It’s also a deli where you can buy health foods and imported ingredients from Asia. Bosque Bambú is perfect for grabbing a box to eat on the go as you take in the local architecture.


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Tandory is a fusion restaurant, specializing in Indian and Thai cuisine. It is an upmarket establishment which offers many trademark dishes with vegetarian options such as curries, samosas, risottos, and falafels. Just make sure you get a reservation to avoid disappointment—it’s hugely popular!

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