The Best Places to Buy Souvenirs in Montevideo, Uruguay

Take home a Uruguayan mate among your souvenirs
Take home a Uruguayan mate among your souvenirs | © kweez mcG / Flickr
Photo of Elena Artola
4 October 2018

Whether you’re hunting for trinkets throughout your trip or need some last-minute purchases, these shops offer the best mementos to encapsulate your memories.

After an amazing stay in Montevideo, it’s time to go home. Anyone can relate to that sad feeling of having to leave, but on the bright side, all the adventures and memories are going home with you, and something else, too…souvenirs! Everyone loves souvenirs. Have fun looking for these during your stay at some of the best places to buy souvenirs in Montevideo, Uruguay.

Feria del Parque Rodó

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Clothing, decorations, paintings and more can be found in this market. | © Nicolas Sanguinetti / Flickr

This is one of the largest markets in the city, where visitors and locals can get lost for hours every Sunday, looking for new additions to their wardrobes, decorative items, painting collections and all types of crafts. And the best part: all of these can be found here at very fair prices. Visitors just have to make sure to take some cash, as that’s currently the only payment method accepted.

Feria de Tristán Narvaja

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Feria de Trsitán Narvaja en Montevideo
Find mates and lots of collectibles in this market. | © Jorge Gobbi / Flickr
The ultimate flea market, Tristán Narvaja extends for blocks and blocks down the streets in Montevideo’s city center, displaying all kinds of goods. It takes place every Sunday morning; it’s always very busy, and takes hours to go through. There are so many stalls offering such varied merchandise that visitors will likely want to visit more than once. Though most goods are collectibles and second-hand, they still make for great souvenirs, either for yourself or for that friend that collects more unusual things. These items are sure to make anyone’s day.

Manos del Uruguay

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Manos del Uruguay is a non-profit brand, that comercialices handmade products. | © SeppH / Pixabay

This national brand is part of the World Fair Trade Organization. It’s a non-profit brand that gives women from rural areas the opportunity to make some income from their craft work. The most distinctive products are the hand-knit clothes, but there are also leather bags, accessories and decorative objects. All products are signed by the women who created them. Any of these options would be one of the best souvenirs to get in Uruguay, as both wool and leather are the top two raw materials in the country.

Mercado de los Artesanos

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Take home a Uruguayan mate among your souvenirs | © kweez mcG / Flickr

Mercado de los Artesanos is a cooperative of artists who gather in different markets to display and sell their arts. At the moment, there are two separate buildings where they do this, one in Centro neighborhood and another one in Ciudad Vieja, two of the most popular districts in town. It is truly worth seeing, and a perfect place to buy souvenirs such as jewelry, leather bags, mates (used to drink the Uruguayan traditional infusion), crafts for kids and rare objects.

Feria de Villa Biarritz

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The best souvenirs, for you and your loved ones can be found by getting lost in Montevideo's markets. | © Andrew Malone / Flickr

This market is located in the district of Punta Carretas, and regularly takes place on Tuesdays and Saturdays (though on Saturdays the market is considerably larger). It’s a great place to find everything clothes related, starting at very cheap prices and moving on to high quality and locally made goods. Most sellers can also be found in Feria del Parque Rodó on Sundays, so there’s no need to visit both, as they are pretty much the same. Just choose the one that better suits your travel itinerary.

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