The 10 Most Stunning Sunset Spots in Montevideo, Uruguay

Stunning sunset from Carrasco neighborhood
Stunning sunset from Carrasco neighborhood | © Marcelo Campi / Flickr
With miles of coast that looks over the Atlantic Ocean, Montevideo offers some of the most beautiful sunsets every day. It’s one of the best cities to admire the sky’s beauty, discover its different colors, see the city in that adorable reddish-orange light, take pictures worthy of a photo contest, or simply sit and admire the view, stunned by nature. Want to get overwhelmed by its beauty? These are the 10 most stunning sunset spots in Montevideo, Uruguay.

Parque Rodó

Parque Rodó is one of the most traditional parks in Montevideo, with activities aimed at kids; a few blocks to the west, next to the beach, is an area with wilder attractions for youngsters and adults. The latter area, the west part of the beach, is where you’ll find the most stunning views of the sunset. This location offers the opportunity to take beautiful pictures of the yellow sky behind the ferris wheel or, if you’re daring, from the wheel itself, for a unique view of the sunset and the entire city from above.

Canteras del Parque Rodó

On the east side of Parque Rodó’s attractions, there’s a beautiful spot where Uruguayans usually gather to relax and be hypnotized as the sun slowly seems to sink into the water. Here you’ll find a series of quarries where people can sit, either from above or below, to spend peaceful, uninterrupted hours of gazing.

Puertito del Buceo

Puertito del Buceo is a small-scale harbor (in fact, puertito literally means “small harbor”) located in Montevideo’s Buceo neighborhood. Every evening, nature offers an incomparable show on the promenade, with the sunset reflecting over the sea while the boats slowly sway with their poles up. In this spot, the sunset looks just like a painting, every day more beautiful than the other.

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This is a great open space in Montevideo, in the middle of the promenade. It has both a higher and a lower area. On the higher level, giant letters read “Montevideo.” And there’s a good reason the letters were put there: it makes for an ideal postcard of the city, offering amazing views to the west—especially when the sun sets, allowing for perfect pictures when the warm light shows in between the letters.

Cerro de Montevideo

This neighborhood, at the highest point of Montevideo, offers a privileged view of the entire city. It’s perhaps not the most traveled area, with a less secure reputation. However, if you equip yourself with street smarts or travel in a large group, it’s a neighborhood full of attractions that is worth seeing. And the best one, of course, is its unique view of the sunset over the entire city… an unforgettable landscape.

Rambla Sur

On the western side of the city, Montevideo’s promenade is wide and the shore full of rocks. The Atlantic can be admired in all its beauty, offering an endless view that gets lost in the horizon. This spot is visited by people all year long to practice sports, drink mate (a Uruguayan traditional hot drink), or simply sit facing the sea, waiting for that magic moment when the sun goes down and the city turns red.

La Estacada

This is a big green square on Montevideo’s promenade, with palm trees and an open view to the Atlantic and the rocky shore. Lots of people gather here to share a picnic, take in some fresh air, and admire the sunset, mostly during spring and summer. This is definitely one of the most stunning and relaxing sunset spots in Montevideo.

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Playa Carrasco

The Carrasco neighborhood is at the edge of the city, along Montevideo’s rambla (the promenade) all the way to the east. The district has one of the most popular beaches and a wide walkway for people to stroll, run, or cycle on, in addition to some park benches where others sit. All of them get to enjoy a stunning sunset over Carrasco’s white-sand beach.

Escollera Sarandí

In Montevideo’s historic neighborhood Ciudad Vieja, Escollera Sarandí is a favorite spot. Fishermen, photographers, tourists, and locals gather here to catch great views of the city, the commercial harbor, and, of course, the main character here: the sun getting lost on the horizon. This sea wall is the continuation of the pedestrian walkway of the same name (Sarandí), one of Ciudad Vieja’s main attractions.

From the air

Rather than one spot in particular, this view is infinite. There’s no doubt that one of the most stunning sunset spots in Montevideo is right from above. For those who dare, tandem paragliding offers the opportunity to witness a sunset like no other. Flying through the reddish sky between colorful clouds is a dream than only the bravest get to experience.