The 10 Best Campsites in Uruguay

Camping | © Roderick Eime / Flickr
Photo of Milena Fajardo
20 October 2017

If you like sleeping under the stars, Uruguay might be just the place. There are so many amazing places to go camping. Whether you’re after beach, forest, or rocky landscapes, you’ll be able to find the perfect pitch for you.

Santa Teresa Camping

Beach at Santa Teresa, Uruguay
Santa Teresa, Uruguay | © coco cabrera / Flickr

This is one of the most popular campsites in the country; it is located 5 kilometres (3 miles) from Punta del Diablo, a beautiful natural beach that is just perfect for surfing. The campsite is right next to a national park, so you can enjoy extensive, unspoiled nature. The abundant flora and fauna in the area are what makes this spot so desirable. Punta del Diablo means ‘Devil’s Peninsula’ and it is said that the name comes from the multiple shipwrecks that happened in the 1800s, when pirates and sailors alike sailed in the turbulent waters of the peninsula.

Camping Queguay, Departamento de Paysandú

Map View
Queguay Camping, Paysandu, Uruguay
Queguay Camping, Paysandu, Uruguay | © Enzo Fiorelli / Flickr

This is an ideal place for relaxing and engaging in outdoor activities in a familiar and warm atmosphere, surrounded by natural water and peculiar landscapes. The campsite is located on the banks of the Queguay River, providing a peaceful context for connecting with nature. The proximity to the river allows campers to go fishing, canoeing, kayaking and swimming. You can also rent horses to go riding, or walk along various hiking paths. At the end of the day campers usually share their experiences around a fire pit, a beloved activity for many.

Salto del Penitente, Lavalleja Department

Natural Feature
Map View
Waterfall at Salto del Penitente, Lavalleja, Uruguay
Waterfall at Salto del Penitente, Lavalleja, Uruguay | © Mai Rodriguez / Flickr

A go-to destination for campers who enjoy extreme sports and adventure, this is a renowned spot across the country because of its 60-metre (197-foot) waterfall, originating from a stream that falls from the Carapé mountain range. The waterfall forms a natural lagoon of fresh, crystal-clear water, perfect for going for a swim and getting in touch with nature. Rock climbing enthusiasts can practice the sport here, with caution and the appropriate equipment. There is also a restaurant nearby with a wide panoramic terrace looking towards the mountain ranges, and a variety of fun activities such as horse riding, hiking, guided rock climbing, rappelling and canopying.

Camping San Rafael, Maldonado

Hotel, Camping
Map View
Sunset at Punta del Este, Uruguay
Sunset at Punta del Este, Uruguay | © Marcelo Campi / Flickr

The perfect place to go with a family or group of friends, at this campsite you can set up a tent or a motor home, or you can rent one of its comfortable cabins. The owners focus on achieving harmony, comfort and wellbeing. The site is located 700 metres (half a mile) from the sea, about six blocks away from Brava Beach, a famous surfing beach in Punta del Este. In high season, the campsite accommodates as many as a thousand campers per day.

Camping Punta Ballena, Maldonado

Map View
Paraglider in Punta Ballena
Paraglider in Punta Ballena | © Jimmy Baikovicius / Flickr

This campsite is a favorite spot with campers during the summer, because of its proximity to several beaches and a spectacular viewpoint from which you can see sunrises and sunsets in the ocean and the city. At this viewpoint you can also find Casapueblo, a peculiar museum created by the famous Uruguayan artist Carlos Páez Vilaró to host his works. The campsite has areas with trees and gardens to play in, a swimming pool and a closed barbecue.

Ecological Camping Punta Rubia, La Pedrera

Map View
Camping on the beach in Uruguay
Camping on the beach in Uruguay | © Mariel Salas / Flickr

Visiting Punta Rubia is truly a privilege for nature lovers. It is located on a small mountain that has remained relatively untouched by humans; it is protected by the government, and even though people are allowed to visit, all visitors have to take extremely good care to not spoil it by littering or starting fires. The mountain is the result of millions of years of evolution and adaptation of countless species, making it an incredible display of living beings, indigenous to Uruguay, in their natural habitat. The Atlantic Ocean is only 50 metres (164 feet) away from this incredible campsite.

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  • Camping la Viuda, Punta del Diablo

    Map View
    Camping on the beach in Uruguay
    Camping on the beach, Uruguay | © Stolencompass / Flickr

    The charm of De La Viuda Camping lies in its simplicity and serenity. It is characterised by not having a lot of infrastructure as some other campsites do, making it a great spot for those wishing to escape the stress of the city and have a modest vacation by the Atlantic. The landscape is wild and clean, with sand, the sound of the waves, a rocky shore and some trees. There is a fishing village nearby.

    La Comarca de Valizas, Rocha Department

    Map View
    Sand dunes between Valizas and Cabo Polonio, Uruguay
    Sand dunes between Valizas and Cabo Polonio, Uruguay | © Pablo Spekuljak / Flickr

    This is the nearest campsite to Cabo Polonio, an exceptional town lying between big sand dunes that is only accessible by special trucks designated by the government or by walking or horse riding from Valizas. These restrictions are designed to protect the sand dunes. The journey can prove to be an extraordinary adventure. The campsite is on a small hill that provides amazing views of the Buena Vista hill, the dunes, palm trees, the Castillos lake and more wetlands.

    El Cocal - Camping ecológico, Rocha

    Camping, Homestay
    Map View
    Bonfire in the campsite, Uruguay
    Bonfire in the campsite, Uruguay | © Gonzalo Díaz Fornaro / Flickr

    El Cocal is the name of a shipwreck that lies in the beach next to the campsite. This site is in a very remote location; the nearest town, La Esmeralda, is 3 kilometres (2 miles) away. You will find dunes, mountains and the extensive, solitary beach near to this well-hidden piece of paradise. There is a rest stop with a terrace, ideal for spotting whales, sunrises and moon rises over the marine horizon.

    Camping PP, Arachania

    Resort, Camping
    Map View
    rainbow at Punta del Diablo, Rocha, Uruguay
    rainbow at Punta del Diablo, Rocha, Uruguay | © Mai Rodriguez / Flickr

    La Pedrera is a popular spot for all kinds of tourists, with beautiful beaches and good nightlife during the summer. There are some comfortable, cozy cabins as well as the campsite. It is situated next to a big park with trees, near to the Atlantic Ocean. The beach is easily accessible via a direct path from the campsite. Only five minutes away you will find another city called La Paloma, where you can wander around the artesans’ market on summer nights, get ice cream, or visit the restaurants, bars and casino.

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