The Top 8 Things to See and Do in Pucusana, Peru

A quaint fishing village awaits
A quaint fishing village awaits | © dimitrisvetsikas1969 / Pixabay
Photo of Brandon Dupre
1 February 2018

So you want to escape the ubiquitous Lima haze that envelopes the city? Look no further than Pucusana, the first real “beach-beach” as you make your way south, away from Lima’s fog and rocky shoreline. Here are the top things to do in the fishing port of Pucusana.

Beach it up

As the first real beach outside of Lima – a beach with consistent sun and actual sand – and its close proximity to Lima, Pucusana has become a popular tourist attraction for Limeños looking to leave Lima. It is one of the closest beaches to Lima that gives serious tanners a chance to do their thing. Just out side of the dense fog of Lima, you’ll be able to soak up the sun all day.

Jet ski

A Peruvian beach favorite is to take a ride on a jet ski: no permits or down payments necessary. You pay for the half hour, around 40 soles ($12.4), and go wherever you want. No guides necessary. Just watch out for wild drivers while you’re swimming – they occasionally get too close to shore.

Fun on a Jet Ski | © PatriciaMorgan/ Pixabay


If you’re going to a fishing village and want to see how the locals live, you have to go out on a boat and fish. The early hours that fishermen go out at sea can be difficult and discouraging, but some will even go out in the evening for you. Just head to the dock and ask around. You’ll get a first hand glimpse at how Peruvian fishermen do it. Expect to pay around 50 soles ($15.5).


Volleyball is as popular a sport in Peru as any, only beaten by soccer, and the place to play it is on a sandy beach. Exchange the rocky beaches in Lima with the sandy ones in Pucusana. Put up a net or play without one, either way you’ll have some fun playing beach volleyball and will probably find some willing Peruvian participants to join you.

Beach volleyball is great fun! | © dimitrisvetsikas1969 / Pixabay

Beach hop

There are a couple of beaches that you can explore in this little village. Take a walk down the beach and explore all the different vantage points. It is especially useful to do this during the summer months when the popular beaches there can get crowded.

Boat tour

The only way to truly get a grasp of the entire village and how many fishing boats it has is to take a boat trip around the area. You’ll be able to see all the different beaches and get-up-close to a variety of marine life, including sea lions and dolphins.

Do as the locals do | © Quangpraha/Pixabay

Watch the fishermen

Pucusana is a main fishing port for the city center of Lima so a large amount of different kinds of fish pass through the port. The best time to go is late morning when all the trucks are getting loaded up to take the day’s catch to Lima. It’s quite the scene.


Whenever you’re in a fishing village, you must eat fish. The town of Pucusana only knows fishing and then whipping up some of the best ceviche around. It is fresh, flavorful and always at a decent price. You can’t pass up the opportunity to get fish that is literally sea to table, right then and there.

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