This Country Is Being Dubbed the Richest in the World and It's Not What You'd Expect

Machu Picchu | © skeeze / Pixabay
Machu Picchu | © skeeze / Pixabay
Photo of Brandon Dupre
22 December 2017

Riches, in the literal sense, are judged by your house, the car in your garage, and how much you make a year – at least, that’s one way of looking at it. But Peru has recently launched a tourist campaign that invites you to rethink how you view the word “rich,” focusing not on wealth, but on moments and experiences you share with friends and loved ones. The campaign focuses on these memories and experiences, such as hiking Machu Picchu or eating Peruvian ceviche, that one can only have in Peru, “the richest country in the world.”

Peru’s international campaign aims to promote the cultural, historical, natural, and culinary treasures that the country has to offer. But it is getting international attention not just as a result of the beauty the country has to offer, but because of the message of the campaign. By redefining the world “rich” to include experiences and memories, not just money, Peru is speaking to a new generation of people who are not satisfied by monetary success, but who instead thirst for new experiences and new glimpses into a world outside their own.

Nasca lines | © Pixabay

Peru is not the first country that comes to mind when you think of the richest country in the world. It isn’t viewed as a global power politically or economically, but that is not how Peruvians are framing the discussion. “The goal of the campaign,” reads their press release, “is to further position the country as a multifaceted and diverse world within a world, where wealth is not measured in cash, but in experience, discovery, and happiness.”

Peru | © Pixabay

The commercials and videos that are set to be released in 20 counties across the globe show a movie trailer of Peru’s greatest hits. You’ll be taken through the Amazon jungle, soar over the costal surf and deserts, walk through their famous ruins and taste their delicious food – and, of course, it closes with a shot of Machu Picchu. The video is short, only about 45 seconds, but that brevity just makes you all the more curious about what Peru really has to offer.

Peruvian desert | © Pixabay

This campaign to position Peru as the richest country in the world capitalizes on their worldwide reputation as a world-class cultural and culinary destination, taking those ideas a step further and introducing new places and adventures you may not have known about. The campaign is part of a long-term international tourism promotion strategy that began in 2008 and continues today. The country of the Incas and the Amazon, of floating reed islands and the Nasca lines, of ceviche and countless fascinating cultural traditions – Peru is not short on self-discovery and adventure, or as they say, “riches.” While Peru may not have the highest GDP in the world, the uniqueness of the landscape and culture are beyond rich. They’re priceless.

Llamas | ©Fred Wanderley / Pixabay

What are the best things to see in Peru (that aren’t Machu Picchu)?

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