The Top 10 Street Food Spots In Lima

Cathedral of Lima I ©
David Stanley/Flickr
Cathedral of Lima I © David Stanley/Flickr
Photo of Nicole Marcuzzi
15 December 2015

There’s something so unique, enthralling and exciting about Peru; the way ancient history combines with the beautiful Andes and the blue sea, the way the local people exude warmth and adhere to local traditions, and the way traditional Peruvian cuisine combines with seafood and other recipes to create brand new taste sensations. The lively capital of Lima is a top spot in which to try an array of exciting dishes, offering a wealth of top-quality eateries that don’t even require you to sit down at a table. Here’s our definitive guide to the 10 best street food spots in Lima.

Cathedral of Lima I | © David Stanley/Flickr

La Lucha Sangucheria

No matter what day of the week you stop by La Lucha in Miraflores, you’ll find a long line of customers waiting for their turn to experience the magical, delicious and melt-in-the-mouth sandwiches offered by their stall. La Lucha literally translates into English as the struggle’: the thrive to succeed is a celebrated quality in the Peruvian culture, and it is the believed reason why the chefs of La Lucha go to work every day. They have two more stall locations open in the city; enjoy their sandwiches wherever you are in Lima!

Price: Budget.

Opening hours: Sun – Thur 8 am to 1 am; Sat 8 am to 3 am.

Watch out for: the only word to describe their sandwich with chicharrón and camote, (sweet potato), is perfection.

Address and Telephone: La Lucha Sangucheria, Mariscal Oscar R. Benavides 308, Miraflores, Lima, Perú;

Al Toke Pez

Looking to eat like royalty without spending a fortune” You’ve come to the right place. Al Toke Pez is a hole in the wall, literally, but don’t let that scare you away! This spot illustrates why Peru is known for its exquisite cuisine, and once you’ve grabbed a bowlful of ceviche here, you’ll see why. Their aim is to sell top-quality food which is affordable for all. Unfortunately there are only six spots available at their counter, so if you’re lucky enough to get a seat there, relax and enjoy it!

Price: Budget.

Opening hours: Tue – Sun 11:30 am – 3:30 pm.

Watch out for: if you do get a chance to sit on the counter, you’ll be able to watch magic happen as soon as head chef Tomas Matsufuji Yasuda starts cooking!

Address and Telephone: Al Toke Pez, Av. Angamos 886, Surquillo, Lima, Peru

Huerta Chinén

Six street food stalls make up the famous Huerta Chinén, a chain run by Angélica Chinén, a woman who is possibly the most talented and loving Peruvian chef you’ll encounter during a trip here. From Monday to Friday she offers the “classic” menu, a selection which includes chicken with rice, carapulcra, chanfainita, patita con mani and mondonguito, all for less than 3 dollars. On weekends she goes all out and offers typical Peruvian plates, including duck with rice for less than 7 dollars. If you love to feel at home when you’re having lunch, this is a top spot to try out on your trip.

Price: Budget.

Opening hours: Mon – Sun 8 am to 5 pm.

Watch out for: ask for the criolla sauce to be extra spicy – if you dare.

Address and Telephone: Huerta Chinén, Calle Contralmirante Montero Cdra. 7 Int 620 Mcdo. 2 de Surquillo, L34 Lima

La Cilindrada de Pedrito

Pedro Peves used to be a mechanic who discovered that he actually had a talent for producing perfectly roasted meat. For years he cooked chicken, turkey and pork for his family, until he decided to take a leap of faith and started offering his exquisite plates for curious consumers from right outside his house. Get here early, ’cause when it’s time for lunch La Cilindrada de Pedrito gets really, really crowded!

Price: Budget.

Opening hours: Tue – Sun 12 pm to 5 pm.

Watch out for: the star of the menu here is the cerdo al cilindro, a piece of pork which is heaven on earth, and a bargain at less than ten dollars.

Address and Telephone: La Cilindrada de Pedrito, Los Negocios 371, Surquillo 15047, Peru ; +51 1 4414013

Grimanesa Vargas Anticuchos

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You’re probably wondering what anticuchosare, but are you ready to hear the answer” Anticuchosare cow hearts on a stick, and no, we’re not joking. And even though they might not sound all that great, you’ll get addicted to them once you’ve tried them, we promise. The hearts Grimanesa Vargas prepare are, quite possibly, the most famous in all of Peru. Locals call the chef here la reina de corazones, the queen of hearts, since she has been working in the kitchen for almost 40 years. This joint should be on the wishlist of any adventurous diner.

Price: Budget.

Opening hours: Mon – Sat 5 pm to 11 pm.

Watch out for: on Fridays you can take your own selfie with chef Grimanesa!

El Ceviche de Ronald

Every day customers ask Ronald Abad about his special secret when he’s cooking his famous ceviche. And he answers without hesitation: to the traditional ingredients of fresh fish, salt, lemon and aji he adds white pepper, garlic and celery, and mixes is all with kion juice and stew made from fish heads mixed with milk. The result will be your new favorite dish, the delicious Peruvian seafood delicacy of ceviche, all for less than six dollars.

Price: Budget.

Opening hours: Mon – Sun 11:30 am to 4 pm.

Watch out for: diners need to exercise alot of patience here, as the lines are usually incredibly long. It’s so worth the wait, though.

Address and Telephone: El Ceviche de Ronald, Av. Ignacio Merino, Lince 15046, Peru

Anticuchería Doña Pochita

Anticuchos derive from the recipes of African slaves during the Virreynato times in Lima, when laborers had to learn to cook the leftovers of animals for dinner. Now, the food forms part of Peru’s traditional cuisine, and is a great dish to give diners a feeling of what Peruvian cooking is all about. In the early evening, crowds begin gather outside Doña Pochita’s food stall, where she fries the cow hearts and serves them to her impatient clients with aji colorado, vinegar and garlic.

Price: Budget.

Opening hours: Mon – Sun 3 pm to 12 am.

Watch out for: if you’re not a big fan of anticuchos, you can order sweetbread, pork belly or chicken hearts.

Address and Telephone: Anticuchería Doña Pochita, Av Ignacio Merino #2316 – 2359 – 2361, 14 Lince, Lima, Peru

El Caserito

Alberto Pérez Palma is the owner of this spot which specializes in causas rellenas, a potato dish which forms part of the traditional Peruvian cuisine you have to experience whilst in Lima. Causas rellenas are made with potatoes, yellow pepper, mayonnaise and lemon, and at El Caserito they can be filled with chicken, red meat, fish, vegetables or anything else you can think of! Mouthwatering, right” The most sophisticated causa is filled with shrimp, and you can enjoy one (or more) for just four dollars each.

Price: Budget.

Opening hours:

Watch out for: El Caserito also sells filled potatoes, but instead of using grilled meat, they are filled with chargrilled fish; delicious

Address and Telephone: El Caserito, 530 Jr Bolognesi, Mercado de Magdalena del Mar Puesto 858, Magdalena Del Mar, Lima, Peru

Sanguchería El Chinito

In 1960 Don Félix opened up a sanguchería in downtown Lima named Sanguchería El Chinito . The quality of his ingredients and the innovative flavor of his sandwiches instantly made this a hotspot in the city, and over fifty years later it’s still a popular joint which invites locals and tourists alike to enjoy a true, traditional Peruvian sandwich. Since Don Félix passed away, the business is carried on charmingly by his children and grandchildren.

Price: Budget.

Opening hours: Mon – Sun 10 am to 12 am.

Watch out for: lines here tend to be extremely extended, but if the wait gets too long a member of the staff will come out of the kitchen offering traditional matacolas, juicy pork ribs, on the house!

Address and Telephone: El Chinito, Jirón Chancay 894, Lima 15001, Peru

The Week Rio

Miraflores in Lima is renowned for gourmet restaurants, upscale spots and high-class eateries. But what most people don’t know is that the best picarones can be found right in the heart of this very neighborhood. This traditional sweet is made of rings that sort of resemble donuts, but no donut can compare to this flavor! Prepared with sweet potato and squash, the picarones are later dipped in different syrups. At Parque Kennedy, Jhosimar Valverde runs Picarones Mary. With a small stall, she has earned a spot in every heart in Lima with here deliciously moreish sweet treats.

Price: Budget

Watch out for: the infectious charisma of the owner

Address and Telephone: Picarones Mary, Parque Kennedy, Miraflores, Lima, Peru.

By Nicole Marcuzzi