The Best Yoga Studios in Cusco

Yoga mats | © Tony and Debbie / Flickr
Yoga mats | © Tony and Debbie / Flickr
What better place to practice yoga or join a retreat than in Cusco, the holy city of the Incas that was once considered the center of the universe? There are yoga studios all over the city and within the Sacred Valley that not only include yoga, but also reiki, massage, and other holistic therapies. Cusco has gained a reputation as the spiritual center of Peru and offers classes for every type of yoga practitioner. Here is a guide to the best yoga studios the city has to offer.

Healing House

This yoga studio stands above the rest in Cusco. It’s located in the Healing House, just off the main street in San Blas. The cozy yoga room is equipped with bolsters, blocks, blankets, and plenty of yoga mats to choose from. All yoga instructors are well trained and professional and there are classes going on almost all day. In addition to yoga, the Healing House also offers reiki, sound healing, mediation, and yoga training. With a warm and friendly staff, it’s hard to beat this yoga studio.

The Healing House, Qanchipata 555, Cusco 08000, Peru

Yoga Room Cusco

Another studio in the charming neighborhood of San Blas, Yoga Room Cusco offers yoga classes throughout the week as well as retreats in their Sacred Valley location. There’s nothing quite like finishing a yoga session and then stepping right into the quaint surroundings of San Blas.

Yoga Room Cusco, Carmen Bajo 222, Cusco 08000, Peru

Paramatma Healing

In addition to offering yoga classes each day, Paramatma also offers chakra balances and one of the best massages in Cusco. The owner and master Dhruva Maharaja is a holistic therapist who has lived in bhakti yoga ashrams for the last 10 years and is a disciple of Srila Paramadvaiti Swami. You can also arrange a retreat here if you so desire.

Paramatma Healing, Asnoqch’utun 279, Cusco, Peru

Yoga Wasi

Yoga Wasi’s goal is to empower people through the art and science of yoga. You can buy passes for the month or just drop in and take one of their classes. If you didn’t bring your mat to South America and you’d like one, Yoga Wasi offer mats at their tienda (shop).

Yoga Wasi, Jiron Jose Maria Arguedas J-13, Cusco, Peru

Yoga Mandala

Yoga Mandala is not located right in Cusco, but in the Sacred Valley, about an hour away from the city. They can be found near the sacred mountains Pitisuray and Sawasiray in Arin valley – what better place to practice some yoga? The facilities are also ecofriendly and offer an idyllic location for groups looking for retreats.

Yoga © a4gpa / Flickr

Sembrando Semillas

In addition to being a yoga retreat destination, Sembrando Semillas is also an eco-farm offering their guests fresh and delicious food from their garden. They also offer classes in reiki and sound healing and have an on-site sweat lodge to help you cleanse yourself.

Sembrando Semillas con Yoga

The Source

The Source is a luxury yoga retreat and ayahuasca center in the Sacred Valley. They have a large temple that can fit plenty of people and is decorated with crystals, and a sweat lodge. Private groups can rent out the property, too.

Sacred Valley, Peru