The Best Surf Hostels in Peru

Caballitos de totora in Huanchaco Peru | © fromhomeparacasa / Flickr
Caballitos de totora in Huanchaco Peru | © fromhomeparacasa / Flickr
Peru is one of the best surf countries in the world. With thousands of miles of coastline and less crowded surf breaks, now is the time to come before the crowds begin to flock to Peru’s world-class lefts. Here are the best hostel options for surfers.

Moksha Yoga & Surf Hostel

Moksha Yoga and Surf Hostel has everything you want in a surf hostel. Located across from the beach in Huanchaco, a beach town just outside of Trujillo, this hostel is a gem. Start your day by doing yoga (they even offer mats) on their sundeck overlooking the ocean and the best surf break in Huanchaco. If you didn’t bring a board, no problem: the hostel has plenty of surfboards to rent from their surf shop, as well as an on-site instructor offering lessons and assistance. If the waves aren’t good, you can skate their mini-pipe in the back of the hostel. They have a 100% vegan and vegetarian restaurant that even offers vegan ceviche. On Sundays, there’s an all-you-can-eat breakfast for 18 soles (US$6), which includes vegan scones, pancakes, veggie burgers, hummus, coleslaw, tea, delicious homemade bread (it’s the best bread in Huanchaco), and wine spritzers. They also do a delicious chocolate cake. The hostel is very welcoming and friendly, just like the owners, Coco and Gonzalo Touzet. A one-night stay here almost always turns into a week. You just never want to leave.

Where: Huanchaco, a beach town just outside of Trujillo.

Surf rentals: Yes; they also offer lessons.

Moksha Yoga and Surf Hostel in Huanchaco Mia Spingola / © Culture Trip

Casa Mancora

If you don’t want to partake of the party scene in Mancora, this is the place to go. The owner is a very nice and knowledgeable surfer who can recommend surf spots and places to rent boards and get surf lessons. There are plenty of hammocks to hang out in after surfing, and the owner’s dog, Toby, will keep you entertained all day. The hostel is only a short walk from the beach and Mancora’s best surf break.

Where: Mancora.

Surf rentals: No, but the owner can recommend where to go for rentals at really good prices.

Surf House Chicama

The only people coming to this small town are surfers, so there are more than a few surf hostels to choose from, and Surf House Chicama is probably the best. The place is more bungalow than hostel, but offers shared dormitory rooms and private rooms with a view of the ocean. There’s nothing to do in Chicama but surf all day, so it is important to pick a good place to stay. Surf House Chicama has all you need: they have a sea-view restaurant terrace, surf board and wetsuit rentals, and a room with a jacuzzi tub.

Where: Chicama (also known as Puerto Malabrigo to non-surfers).

Surf rentals: Yes.

Chicama, Peru © Silvan Hagen/Flickr

Psygon Surf Camp

This is one of the many party-and-surf hostels in Mancora, but this one distinguishes itself from the rest with its on-site kitesurfing and surfing lessons. It has a Japanese–Peruvian restaurant and a bar and, if the beach gets too windy, there’s a pool you can hang out in that is protected from the wind. Its location is a bit farther down the beach from the main break than you’d like, but the walk isn’t bad. The hostel is also well known for having fun parties, which are especially needed when the waves aren’t good.

Where: Mancora.

Surf rentals: Yes.

Loki Mancora

If you don’t want to take part in the spring-break party scene, it’s probably best to stay away from Loki Mancora, because you’ll get that in heavy doses. If that’s what you’re after, this is the best possible place to come. To begin with, it is the most popular spot to go out at night in Mancora, so even if you don’t stay here, you may end up here. The hostel is centered around a pool, with white rooms on one side and a bar on the other. There’s plenty of security all over the grounds. With computers for guests’ use, a bar, a pool, and the beach right outside the grounds, it makes for a very fun place to stay.

Where: Mancora.

Surf rentals: No, but there are at least three surf board rental places right outside the hostel.

Mancora Peru © Jonathan Hood/Flickr

Punta Hermosa Surf Hostel

One of the best surf hostels south of Lima, these guys have everything covered. Their knowledgeable staff can take you to all the best surf spots in the area and will even pick you up from the airport. If you didn’t bring your board, they have plenty of rental options, from boards to wetsuits. The area south of Lima has plenty of world-class waves and few crowds.

Where: Punta Hermosa.

Surf rentals: Yes.

La Casona

La Casona is located on top of a hill overlooking Lobitos. The hostel itself is an old British mansion from a time when British companies ran the oil operations in the area. The hostel is in need of some repairs, but you won’t find many who care about that when the waves are as good as they can get in Lobitos. La Casona has a changing menu, dependent upon what the chef gets at the market, but the food is always quite delicious. They don’t offer board rentals, but there is a surfboard shop just down the street that has plenty of options to choose from.

Where: Lobitos.

Surf rentals: No, but down the street there’s a surf shop with plenty of options.