The Best Street Food Stalls in Chosica, Peru

Try some of Peru's classic street food in Chosica
Try some of Peru's classic street food in Chosica | © zaclyric / Pixabay
Chosica was once the vacation destination for Limeños looking to escape the city life in Lima, and has since become known for its parks and delicious food. One thing you can’t miss when visiting is the lively Plaza de Armas. After dark, the park turns into the place to be for the entire family, with games and plenty of food and drink to go around. Here’s a look at the highlights of Chosica’s Plaza de Armas, where you’ll find all of the city’s best street food stalls.


Anticuchos are marinated beef hearts and a traditional Peruvian dish. The beef hearts on sticks have become Peru’s favorite food for late night munch, and make for a perfect snack. In Chosica, their anticuchos go a step above the rest of the country, with different flavor marinades – mix and match until you find the ones you like. They are also the perfect food to eat on the go and walk around with.

Anticuchos © LWYang / Flickr


The Peruvian doughnut is perhaps the country’s most popular dessert. The fried sweet potato smothered in syrup can found near the children’s bounce house – a perfect location for the kids to make for a quick snack break from their fun. No night is complete in Chosica without a plate full of warm picarones.

Papas rellenas

Stuffed potatoes are Peruvians’ quick meal substitute and another perfect on-the-go snack. They are filled with chicken and vegetables, and then topped with salad and up to six different sauces (if you want them).


The dessert section is one of Chosica‘s specialties – you’ll find some of Peru’s best and most unique homemade pies here. A crowd favorite is the pie made with maracuyá, commonly referred to as passionfruit in English. Another popular option is the maracuyá cheesecake, an option you’ll never find at home. They also carry classics like chocolate cake, apple pie and brownies.

eat some chocolate cake in Chosica © varintorn / Flickr


Peruvians love their sandwiches. Walking around the streets of Chosica, just as in Lima, you’ll find sandwich shops open all throughout the day. They serve up anything from chicken sandwiches to avocado and sweet potato sandwiches.

Peruvians love their sandwiches © Couleur / Flickr


Especially popular in the winter, emolliente is a warm herbal infusion. It is sold on almost every street corner, but its presence is especially heavy in the Plaza de Armas. The different variations can include aloe, tea, cinnamon and any other types of herbs based on what you’re looking to heal. The drink is well known for its restorative and healing powers. It also helps to fill you up too.